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How to Combat Mental and Physical Exhaustion Naturally

Written By Admin on Friday, February 10, 2017 | 9:12:00 AM

For the fatigue of the day to day, we need a good restorative that helps us to stay healthy, with spirit and without fatigue, the foods most indicated for this are the carbohydrates and the lucid ones.

How to Combat Mental and Physical Exhaustion

If you feel exhausted without strength and you feel that you are losing energy, and that it is impossible to overcome, then you are having a lot of mental and physical fatigue, which is why it may be related to an inadequate diet.
It is very important that in your diet add many fruits and natural juices based on these rich foods, which are very rich in vitamins and have sugars.
Recommended foods for mental and physical exhaustion
• Legumes: This food is great to eliminate tiredness and give us much energy, can be eaten in different ways, you can prepare pates, stews or hamburgers with vegetables. Beans, chickpeas and lentils are highly recommended.
• Bananas: They are very rich in nutrients and gives us much energy, gives us vitamin B6 and tryptophan that helps us combat exhaustion, it is recommended to consume 1 banana every day, whenever you want.
• Red paprika: This is a food that has more vitamin C and helps the immune system and keeps us healthy and prevents us from having insomnia or chronic fatigue.
• Spinach: It is rich in vitamin A and B9, helps us absorb iron and magnesium and prevents us from feeling without energy or strength. Include this rich vegetable at least once a week.
• Nuts: This seed gives us tryptophan and magnesium, is used to reduce insomnia, stress, anxiety and mental or physical fatigue, eat: nuts, poppy seeds, almonds, hazelnuts, flax seeds, pistachios, sunflower seeds, seed Of sesame.
• Water: Water is very useful for hydration and so that energy is not lacking in our body, we must take 2 to 3 liters of water in the day to increase our cells, mucous membranes, skin, organs. This will prevent fatigue and sleep, especially when it is very hot.

Causes of physical and mental fatigue

• Pregnancy.
• Anemia.
• Diabetes.
• Extensive work.
• Do not sleep the necessary hours.
• Poor diet.
• Deficit of proteins and vitamins.
• Smoke.
• Sleep disorder.
• Convalescence of surgeries.
• Depression.
• Obesity.
• Failure to meet daily intakes.