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5 White Poisons That You Consume Daily and You Didn’t Know About That!

Written By Admin on Friday, February 10, 2017 | 5:30:00 PM

We consume these foods daily believing that they are healthy and will do us good for our health.

But we did not know that white rice, refined salt, pasteurized cow’s milk, refined sugar and flour are called as the 5 white poisons since they contain a very low percentage of proteins and vitamins for us. Causing diseases like hypertension and diabetes.

5 White Poisons That You Consume Daily and You Didnt Know About That

People who eat 5 times a week rice are 17 percent more likely to have diabetes because they contain a lot of glucose, the ideal thing you could do would be like brown rice.

The 5 White Poisons You Must Stop Consuming:

Refined Flour:

The flour that is already refined is practically pure starch and the minimum that would be of the natural grain, in addition as the flour is already so processed one arrives at the byproduct formation that takes like name aloxano that is a poison that produces diabetes in the healthy rats Used by medical researchers.

Refined sugar:

First of all, white sugar can not be counted as a food since it is completely chemical.
You knew that to leave the liquid of the sugar you put quicklime and that kills almost all the vitamins that can contain and to finish they add carbon dioxide to him so to accelerate the procedure of the lime.
After they pass through calcium sulfate and sulfuric acid with these products they discolor it so that it has that white appearance.
You must be clear that this sugar does not contain any type of vitamins, fats, bone fibers does not have any benefit for human food.

Pasteurized cow’s milk:

What happens here is that being the pasteurized milk loses all the beneficial bacteria for us, they destroy the enzymes for the absorption of nutrients.
This milk is one of the causes of allergy in children according to the American Academy of Asthma and Immunology. This milk is also high in cholesterol and saturated fats.

Refined rice:

This rice is what it does is to increase the glucose in people’s blood, which has a high percentage of diabetes.
What they do with the rice to be able to be refined (white) they undergo to remove the top layer and the germ and basically only the starch remains.

Refined salt:

Refined salt is now basically sodium chloride. This salt increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and if you consume it in large quantities you may suffer from high blood pressure.
Apart it does not contain large amounts of nutrients like natural sea salt.