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The Best 10 Foods For Artery Cleanse

Written By Admin on Sunday, January 22, 2017 | 4:23:00 AM

The heart issues are the most dangerous for the health and we must prevent them in time. This disease means the arteries are blocked and the blood flow is stopped partially in them toward the heart and organs. The causes are stress, sedentary life and bad diet too. But read more on the best 10 foods for this issue.


Rich with fatty acids and it lowers the blood pressure, bad cholesterol and removes inflammation too.

ORange Juice

This juice has a lot of vitamin C and antioxidants that keep the vessels healthy and undamaged and the pressure healthy too. A study said 2 glasses per day is enough for nutrients and healthy heart.


Just like the salmon, they have fatty acids that are good and unsaturated like the omega 3 acids. Eat them all the time and lower bad cholesterol, make joints stronger and heart healthy. Also, memory will get better too.


The turmeric has curcuma, the active item inside that lowers any inflammation and heals tissues. Also it stops fat deposits excess inside and you can add this powder in any meal, tea, smoothie….


This tea has catechins and antioxidants, these lower the cholesterol and keep the metabolism fast. Have at least 2 cups daily.


This makes more nitric oxide in the body and this makes the blood vessels clean and good.


To keep the vessels clean and protected, eat more oats, brown rice and grain bread. Thus you get more fiber and control the cholesterol safe.


They have potassium and this is the best heart mineral for controlled cholesterol. Have 2 glasses per day and lower the heart attack risk by 40%.


This amazing fruit has phytonutrients and they also make nitric oxide for better blood flow and healthy cardio system.


They have loads of healthy fats good for the cholesterol and heart too.
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