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One Man Consumed Coconut Oil 2 Times Daily For 2 Months. What Happened Next Was Amazing!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, January 25, 2017 | 10:24:00 AM

In this article we will share with you the story of pediatrician Mary T. Newport and how she fights with her husband’s Alzheimer’s during the 50s.

Her husband, Steve, had dementia five years before the MRI result was Alzheimer’s. He was defocused and confused. His memory was short term, and after some days he would create a new info.
His hippocampus and parietal and frontal lobes were really atrophied and damaged.
He had prescribed therapy meds but there were no results. He was skinny and depressed with restricted motion and many tremors.
Then Mary decided to focus on his diet.
She discovered the Ketasyn AC 1202, a drug that stopped the stages of Alzheimer after 3 months of taking it. The main element in this drug was triglyceride oil. That meant coconut oil, so Mary bought it.

She fed Steve every day, twice a day with 2 spoons of coconut oil. After 2 months the tremors were gone, and after a year he was able to recognize faces and to speak with his family. It was amazing when he walked into the nature again.
Mary swore by the coconut oil use for this amazing progress.
How Is Coconut God For This Issue?
The 60% of the glucose of the food that we consume goes to the brain.
But, due to hypo metabolism and bad cognition work, the brain doesn’t get the glucose it needs. The ketones of fat breakdown nourish the neurons and nerves when there is brain damage.
The coconut is also an option for Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, drug related epilepsy and even multiple sclerosis.
If You Need More Evidence…
In a study from 2004, 20 people received coconut oil and placebo. Only after an hour and a half, the people with coconut taken, started to have more ketone.
They all fasted before the experiment and they all have blood tests. After 90 minutes of the cognitive test and coconut method, again, the average dose was 40 ml.
Dr. David Perlmutter, a neurologist claims that ingesting load of carbs and avoiding fat is the main reason of the Alzheimer’s disease.
Fasting combined with coconut oil, increase the glycogen. Also, it removes the extra fat deposits, which get a person to the keto stage more easily.
This means a healthy and easy weight loss and also healthier brain.
But, if the ketone levels are too high than the blood acidity rises and it can be fatal. So, the best option is to cut the gluten and sugars and keep the stomach flora healthy.