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Written By Admin on Sunday, January 15, 2017 | 10:18:00 PM

The eggs are one of the easiest and most effective ways to consume proteins in your body. But the eggs don’t only provide you with proteins, they also provide you with many health benefits and greatly improve your health. They contain 7 grams of protein- a muscle building nutrient with around 85 calories per egg. Eggs also contain amino acids, iron and antioxidants. Yolk is the most important part of the egg since it provides you with anti-fat nutrient named choline.

This is why we should eat eggs. Be careful always when you are buying eggs and make sure you always check the labels. You should always buy organic eggs. The USDA regulates the quality of organic eggs and they are completely free of vaccines, antibiotics or hormones. It is up to you to choose the eggs’ color. Molly Morgan is a RD and board-certified sports specialist dietician from New York and he says that the egg’s color varies between various chicken types. There are many reasons why we should have eggs in our diet, and I will present to you only 12 of them:
  1. Prevent Chances of Heart Disease
You probably already know that bad cholesterol (LDL) is to blame for accumulating fat molecules in the artery walls and cause atherosclerosis (which results with gumming up of the arteries). On the other hand, the eggs contain good cholesterol (HDL) that eliminates the fat molecules from the arterial walls.
But that is not the general rule.
Some LDL particle subtypes have different size. The bigger ones are better, and it is scientifically proved (in many researches) persons with small and dense bad cholesterol have increased possibility of heart ailment when compared to those with big LDL particles.
It is interesting that eggs are able to increase LDL cholesterol in some persons, but according to a study the LDL particles are turning from dense and tiny to big ones. This lowers the risk of cardiovascular issues.
  1. Strengthening Immune System
If you like to get rid of ailments, viruses and infections, it is advisable to eat 1-2 eggs every day. One egg has ¼ (22%) of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of selenium. It improves the immune system and controls the thyroid hormones. The eggs are especially beneficial for children. The lack of selenium in children or adolescents could result with Kashin-Beck disease and Keshan disease. These ailments affect the joints, heart and bones.
  1. Improved Cholesterol Profile
There are three facts about cholesterol that should be known:
  • Increased cholesterol levels are dangerous for the health
  • There are two types of cholesterol – bad and good
  • Eggs are extremely rich in cholesterol
The ration between HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol is the biggest concern for every doctor. One big egg contains 212 mg of cholesterol. Anyway, it doesn’t mean that eggs augment the LDL cholesterol in our blood. Our body produces cholesterol as well. There are many researches that prove the eggs’ capability to improve our cholesterol profile.
So, how are eggs helpful for our cholesterol profile?
It has been discovered that eggs are improving our good cholesterol levels and the size of bad cholesterol particles.
  1. More Energy
Only one egg contains 15% of our vitamin RDA, known as riboflavin. This B-vitamin (one of the eight of B-group vitamins), assists in the process of transformation of food into fuel which is much needed for energy production. The egg also tones our body and belongs in the group of 25 foods which are the most effective in this purpose.
  1. Healthier Hair and Skin
B-complex vitamins are also required by our skin, liver, hair and eyes. The eggs are filled with vitamin B5 and vitamin B12 together with vitamin B2. They are very important for the function of our nervous system.
  1. Eggs Make You Feel Fuller
Eggs are one of the richest sources of high quality protein. Actually, eggs are the leading in front of every other foods when it comes to proteins. Many researches proved the positive effects of high protein diets on our appetite. Eggs are pretty high on the Satiety Index. They will make you feel satiated for longer period of time.
  1. Fat Loss
Eggs are related with fat loss, just because they are high on the Satiety Index. During a research, one group consumed eggs while the second one consumed bagels for breakfast for 8 weeks. The calorie amount was the same for both groups.
The first group lost 65% more body fat and achieved 61% reduction in their Body Mass Index (BMI). They also reduced the volume of their waist 34% more than the other group.
  1. Protecting Your Brain
Eggs are very beneficial for the human brain thanks to the choline, a very important nutrient. Actually, it is included in our cell linings and is crucial for synthesizing acetylcholine, a very important neurotransmitter. According to numerous studies, choline deficiency may reduce cognitive function and reduce neurological disorders. According to a US dietary study, 80% of the American population aren’t consuming their daily advised dose of choline.
  1. Eggs as Potential Life Savers
Most of you aren’t aware that our body is able to create 11 essential amino acids needed for sustaining life. But it needs 20 essential amino acids. So, those 9 amino acids are all included in eggs. If you don’t consume eggs, you will lack of these 9 amino acids which will result with fatigue, weakness, skin color changes, muscle loss, hair texture changes and weaker immune system.
  1. Lesser Anxiety and Stress
You can consume the 9 necessary amino acids from the eggs, but if you aren’t able to compensate them, it may result with mental disarrays. A study released in The Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences in 2004 showed that stress and anxiety levels can be reduced with supplementation of lysine, which assists in transition of serotonin in our nervous system.
  1. Protection of Eyes
The eggs contain 2 antioxidants that are beneficial for our eyes- zeaxanthin and lutein. They keep our eyes healthy and protect them. These two antioxidants are included only in the yolk.
These antioxidants are doing a great job by lowering the risk of cataracts and macular degeneration (two main reasons for blindness and vision impairment). A study released in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the participants who ate 1-3 yolks daily during a period of 4-5 weeks increased the zeaxanthin blood levels by 114% to 142% and their lutein levels by 28% to 50%.
  1. Improved Bone and Teeth Health
The vitamin D is very hard to be found in natural foods. It is very important for our health and the condition of our teeth and bones. The egg contains this important nutrient. It keeps the bones and teeth safe by enhancing calcium absorption. This vitamin plays very important role in the function and health of our colon, heart and metabolism.