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The Little Red Berry that Mexicans Use to Fight Cancer and Inflammation

Written By Admin on Friday, December 2, 2016 | 12:07:00 PM

There are two kinds of people in this world: One grew up eating aratilis and the other don’t know what in the world that they are. If you belong in the latter category, you are in for a treat.

Meet the little berry that contains four incredible health benefits that will convince you to look for this fruit the next time you go shopping.


It is a type of little red berry that grows in only a few parts of the world such as Philippines, Asia, Caribbean and Mexico. Aratilis is the Filipino name but it is also known as Jamaica cherry, Panama berry, saresa, Singapore tree, capulin, strawberry tree and Muntingia calabura. They don’t require much attention just some water and sun. They are a fast growing berries that within two years become three meter high.
Aratilis is usually eaten raw as the other fruits. Its fruit is used for jams while the leaves are used for tea. In Brazil, fishermen usually plant Aratilis along the river banks in order to attract the fish.



The body has natural methods to distil and expel foreign bacteria, but sometimes it needs help from outside sources, like foods. When you feel a cold coming on, you are recovering from a virus, or your immune system is low for any reason, aratilis is a great fruit to try. Its antibacterial properties are astounding, like antibiotics in a berry.


Aratilis is rich in flavanone compounds. Researchers have found that eating foods rich in this compound helps the development and proper function of the brain. Consuming this berry regularly with similarly beneficial foods can help those who are experiencing a mild cognitive impairment, or those with a neurodegenerative disease.


Inflammation is a widespread condition that can affect any part of the body. Eating aratilis fruits can counter this unhealthy ailment and reduce swelling.


Aratilis is rich in cytotoxic flavonoids that successfully fight cancer. Not only it is delicious but aratilis’ leaves and stems can prevent certain cancers.
Although most of the healing properties of aratilis are well-known, the scientists tend to rediscover some more. For that reason, it is subjected to some deeper analysis that will take time to be finished.