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Stop Using These “Cooking” Oils Now – You’re Poisoning Yourself!

Written By Admin on Thursday, December 29, 2016 | 5:43:00 AM

Its time to shed some light on the cooking oil industry and how some of the oils that are being sold to us are actually slowly poisoning our systems…You will be horrified at the latest research.
Most cooking oils are so highly processed with bleach, chemical solvents, neutralizers and deodorizers, that even filtering cannot get rid of.

These chemicals are highly toxic if ingested but the horrible thing is that most of us are unknowingly harming ourselves everyday. The most commonly used solvent in extracting the oil is chemical called Hexane. Hexane is a by-product from the oil production industry, and is an extremely toxic substance. Here’s a little video explaining exactly what Hexane does to a human being:

The Cornucopia Institute carried out several residue tests during 2009, and found that most of the soy bean oils contained traces of Hexane. Since the FDA doesn’t require the producers to check for residues, these oils are freely sold to us and used daily by people around the world.
Canola oil is another offender. Formerly known as “Rapeseed Oil,” canola oil is now a GMO and is bred to have lower levels of erucic acid, a chemical that proved to cause serious heart damage during animal studies many years ago. This being said, canola oil does still contain trace amounts of erucic acid, sometimes even around 2% which is considered “safe.” Further genetic modifications have been carried out to make the plants completely resistant to herbicides. Canola oil has been shown to cause Vitamin E deficiency and a shortened lifespan in animal studies.
Cotton-seed oil is probably the worst. This stuff is actually a by-product of the cotton harvest, and is so full of nasty chemicals and pesticides because it is regulated as a textile crop – not for eating! Cotton-seed oil should be avoided at all costs and you should be sure to stay away from it for good. The huge mix of chemicals contained in this oil are extremely toxic if consumed and have similar consequences to consuming too much erucic acid.
There are a number of really good oils that you can replace these toxic chemicals with:
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Extra virgin sesame oil
  • Nutiva red palm oil
  • Nutiva hemp oil
It is important that we stop supporting this industry now and turn to organic produce more than ever. The corporations are only going to carry on producing this “food” if we keep purchasing it. Food is something that grows out the ground, something given by mother nature for the survival of all things. Nowadays our society is so warped that we are willing consuming poisons in so many forms, oil obviously being one of them, instead of each and every one of us having the time to grow our own food – the food that nature gave to us.
If we all make a concerted effort to fend off what is being spoon fed to us, we have the chance to be truly organic…and 100% healthy.
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