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How To Use Onions To Treat These Illnesses

Written By Admin on Friday, December 9, 2016 | 4:17:00 AM

These little wonder from Mother Nature cure almost anything. The benefits of onions are definitely not to be undervalued although this is an overstatement.
Today we will present you the best and most effective ways to use these veggies in the treatment of various diseases including cancer, fever and cold.

Onions are rich in quercetin, which is antihistamine, anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and antioxidant. This compound removes the toxins from the body and lowers bad cholesterol. Red onions have the largest amounts of quercetin, but you can also use yellow and white onions for the following diseases:
According to the size of the wart, slice an onion place it there. Secure it with a Band-Aid and the wart will be removed in just a few days.
Do not get out of the kitchen if you are cooking and you accidentally burned yourself. You only have to slice an onion and then place it directly to the affected part of the body for 2 min.
Cut a big onion in half to use it for a nagging cough. By using a tbsp of brown sugar, cover the upper part of the halves. Let it dissolve for 60 min and then consume the syrupy contents two times a day. The consumption of honey and onion juice is a great alternative.
Onions, potatoes and garlic are the best allies in the fight against fever. Chop the potatoes and onions and then mince the garlic. Place these veggies in your socks and then wear the socks as you go to bed.
5.Common Cold
These are the following ways to fight common colds:
–     Place the veggie near your bed – it significantly absorbs bacteria.
–      Consume it raw to clean the sinuses instantly
–      Make a tea of honey, ginger and onion
–      Consume raw onion before the cold gets worse
Many scientific studies have shown that onion reduces toxins and bacteria and speeds up wound healing. Do not forget that you can be healthy without taking medicine.