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Man Cured Diabetes Type 2 without Medicine Drinking Only This Every Day

Written By Admin on Monday, December 26, 2016 | 4:34:00 AM

A man has decided to have a natural cure for diabetes and he started eating raw veggies and fruits. His health was never better.
His disease was removed by “accident”! at first, he felt thirsty a lot, then saw his doctor and found out he was in health shock. His sugar levels were 29! The doctor said the pancreas is “dying off”, and this meant that he had to be dependent on insulin for life.

He felt hopeless and started to take the recommended meds. Insulin was taken regularly so that he would be able to still do sports.

But after a while, diabetes got worse for him and he had new illnesses appeared from the bunch of meds he took. The triglycerides were raised to 16 and blood pressure to 150/100.

So, he needed something like a change. On New Year’s, he made a resolution to be healthy but in the natural way.
He saw a show, The Edge of Science, on TV. There, Dr. John Zirdum talked about raw foods and his consuming of them for 12 years.
When the show was over, the man wanted to try this method. He got a blender at first.
In the first week, he had strange cravings but he suppressed them. The sugar level of the blood dropped to only 5!
This amazed him and he was stunned as meds didn’t make this effect as his method did.
As a result to this, he stopped the insulin therapy and continued his healthy raw diet. Anyway, he wanted to go back to insulin in case things worsen. Still, everything was good and the same and the sugar in blood was stable. He even lost some extra weight.
In almost a month he lost more than 20 lbs and still was healthy.
After 4 months he was refreshed and had 40lbs less! He never took insulin again and the pressure got to 120/70, the triglycerides to 1.4.
He stopped with the pills and felt like a new man.
This is his best juice:
  • 5 bananas
  • 2 kiwis
  • 2 apples
  • Handful kale
Put all of above in a bowl and pour ½ l. water over.
Drink the ½ liter of juice in the mornings and sip the rest if any, during the day.
If you opt for this regime, eat ONLY fresh and raw fruits, veggies, salads and also tuna (it has a load of B12 essentials).
To sum it up, you will have no cravings and you will feel satiated a longer time.
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