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Why Are You Throwing Away The Seeds? – They’re More Important Than the Fruit!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, November 2, 2016 | 4:53:00 PM

Adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle is the key to understanding about the source and force of life. Only through understanding of the source can healing occur.

Whether there is a specific part of life you are wanting to heal, or if you are simply trying to improve your life with Ayurveda, understanding the awareness of the force of life that is present will guide you towards healing.
It is through our own ignorance that the force of life is not easily realized at first, but through practice we can become aware of the force within us, and use it to heal.
An amazingly simple method of meditation to start with will bring you closer to understanding, and that is to stop throwing away seeds.
Ayurveda places heavy influence on plant medicine, so to get closer to it, we need to honor the kingdom of the plants. It sounds so simple, but if you think about it, every time you throw away a seed, you are discarding a source of life. I can’t really stress how important it is to realize how wrong this is.
How can life prosper if the universe isn’t willing to help it. By the simple act of throwing away a seed you are becoming that part of the universe that kills that form of life, eliminating the source. Instead of throwing seeds away, we should all be preserving them, honoring the force and source of life.
In Ayurveda divine awareness of the plant kingdom’s power is represented in medicine and in diet, and the goddess of plenty is worshiped. Powerful goddesses protect and nurture awareness of the life force. Lakshmi is known as the golden goddess of the harvest, or Kanakadhara Lakshmi, the wheat mother. Durga, the goddess of vegetation, wears leaves of natural green. With every meal, the goddess Annapurna is honoured.
Awareness is Central to Wisdom
In Ayurveda ultimate importance is placed upon the seed and the fruit. The seed is a perfect whole, and one produces another. It is this continuity where we go back to when we build that Ayurvedic consciousness.
It is not important where the seeds end up, it is the act of preserving them which results in the conscience of the life force. You can plant them yourself, save them for a later date or donate them to someone else to use, the act of saving them is simply a way for you to break down the walls of ignorance and to realize the source of life and bring the source of life into your life so you are aware of it always.