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This Harmless Habit Is More Dangerous Than You Think

Written By Admin on Saturday, November 12, 2016 | 5:12:00 AM

Everyone at some point in our lives we have rubbed the eye, either because it gives us itching, because we entered rubbish in the eye, has irritated, among others.

In doing so we feel a pleasant feeling and thought that it is relieved, but the truth is that we are doing wrong and we run a grave danger to rub your eyes as it can cause serious consequences in our eyes, such as deform the cornea.
Here we present a number of things that happen when you rub the eye, so pay close attention and remember. Do not rub the eye!
1. Distort the cornea of the eye
If you have suffered from myopia you know that many vision problems are caused by the shape of the cornea. Rubbing eyes not only slim but deforms until it looks like a cone or significantly reduces vision. Therefore, if you have performed laser surgery, the success of your new vision is maintained not rub your eyes.
2. Cause infections
Did you know that in your hands more than 150 bacteria and germs live? Now imagine what comes into contact with your eyes when you with the rub. From a sty until conjunctivitis, they are some of the diseases that could collapse.
3. Injure eye
The cornea of your eyes is a very fragile membrane, so you can get scratched if you rub your eyes, and in the worst cases may need a corneal transplant that insurance is not pleasant.
4. Aging your face
If you are a conceited person, you should not rub your eyes, because in this area of the body, the skin is very thin and delicate, so it wrinkles more easily.
5. Purpling your eyes
The force with which you rub your eyes can cause blood vessels are injured causing a deep red.
6. It can become an addiction
You rub and rub and you feel bloated and dry eye. Once you start you cannot stop rubbing. It’s almost like an addiction. The more you do the worse.
As you can see the consequences of this very common habit among people it leaves nothing good, so we recommend that you do not rub your eyes. In addition we invite you to share this article on the social networks so that more people learn about this habit.