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She Shared This Photo Of Her Baby To Facebook As A Warning To All Parents To Do THIS To Their Kids..

Written By Admin on Tuesday, November 22, 2016 | 5:23:00 AM

It was like a nightmare for Kayley Burke. Right before her eyes, she watched as chicken poxravaged her infant son, Elijah’s tiny body with horrific scabs and oozing blisters. Because he is too young to be vaccinated, she begs other parents to heed her warning.

The images which show her baby boy’s body covered from head to toe in chicken pox is a warning for those parents who are against vaccinations. If your children aren’t up to date, they risk carrying diseases to other kids who may be too young for the proper medications.
Burke is the president of Queensland in Australia. This Thursday, her son was hospitalized after her son`s condition got worse. Now, she is calling all the parents to vaccinate their children.
She posted a photo of her  11-months-old son, with disturbing amount of nasty blisters, as a warning to the anti-vaccine campaign. Since he is too young to be vaccinated, Elijah got only chicken pox but a secondary infection, which was life threatening.
After Burke shared the photo on Facebook, it was re-shared more than 5,000 times. Her description of the photo, as a warning to all the parents with young children, contained these words:
“Our poor little angel caught chicken pox because he was too young for immunization. The bottom line here is that if you refuse to vaccinate your child, you are a bloody moron. Just think about the risk you put on the helpless little ones who are too young to be vaccinated.”
Elijah`s first symptoms started to show 7 days ago. His mom and the 3-year-old sister Kaliah contracted the disease as well, but the sister was immunized recently.
“Since Kaliah hasn’t long been immunized she has a few spots and blisters but is well in herself,” she wrote.
She continued describing her awful reaction.
“Chicken pox in adults is incredible painful, I`d rather give birth without pain relief that to relive this nightmare again. I only received some medication to help with the symptoms.”
Her son was in so much pain, he couldn`t swallow, so he stopped eating and drinking. At that point her own disease had traveled down her throat, so she knew how the baby was feeling and immediately rushed him to the hospital.
Watching her own child in so much pain was naturally very difficult:
“It’s horrible I can’t think of anything worse,” she said.