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Removes Fat From Your Blood Vessels With This Home Remedy

Written By Admin on Friday, November 18, 2016 | 12:40:00 AM

You know that eating foods rich in fat can raise levels of blood fat? and that most inherited this condition of our fathers?

Outside we can control this condition there are those who suffer from problems of hypothyroidism, diabetes, alcoholism, kidney disease, liver disease and the famous stress.
Besides another group of people fighting this because of the use of drugs that have side effects as high blood lipid levels such as birth control pills, asteroids and blood pressure pills.
And to enter the remedy you should know that it is a Russian secret used for a long time that helps remove fat from the blood vessels ago, freeing them from clogging that can cause other diseases besides stimulating blood circulation, regulate blood pressure and the blood that reaches the brain.

You need 3 ingredients.

  • 4 lemons (unpeeled)
  • 4 cloves garlic
  • 3 liters of boiled water
Cut the lemons into slices, peel the garlic and put them into the water that has been boiling. Cover the mixture and leads to the refrigerator for three days. After that time you start to use it but continue to keep the solution it the fridge.
The best ways to Utilize It
50 ml of the mixture prior to each meal is shown. If you want to use it to remove fat from the capillary it is best to start with lower dosages as 1-2 tablespoons then increases slowly. This treatment with this dish takes 40 days this treatment must just make one once a year.