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It May Have A Bad Taste, But This Drink Can Melt Your Kilograms

Written By Admin on Monday, November 7, 2016 | 12:30:00 PM

The ingredients in this wonderful drink aren’t always the best tasting but it is effective in getting you the figure that you are desiring. Shed some weight with this amazing beverage today.

-1 tsp. apple vinegar
-1 lemon (juice and the peel)
-Dash of ground chili pepper
To make:
-Grate the peel of the lemon and pour it into 240 mL of hot water.
-Wait 10 minutes
-Add lemon juice, ground chili pepper, and apple vinegar
-Stir beverage before every sip
To use:
Drink this beverage both before and after every meal
This drink helps speed up the body’s metabolism and starts the fat burning process all while aiding in digestion due to the ground chili powder. The ingredient found in chili powder, capsaicin, helps produce heat in the body that is started by the stimulation of the nervous system. This promote more calorie burning at a higher rate.
Additionally, the lemon peel has several components which reduce the speed of positioning of fat. The peel has a compound called policosanol which also helps to fat burn. With the regular consumption of just a little apple vinegar, fat in the body begins to dissolve.
While it might not taste great, it will leave you looking amazing!
Source: Good Morning Center