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Dark lips: most common causes and natural home remedies to get rid of it...

Written By Admin on Saturday, November 5, 2016 | 2:19:00 AM

A person may have black lips in two ways. One is his/her lips are dark from birth. The second one is for some reasons, like smoking, huge sun exposure, lip licking, dryness of the lips, take excessive amount of tea or coffee. Most cases of discolored lips are associated with brownish to brownish-gray hue.

The lips itself almost never reaches a full black color. However, other colors such as bluish or yellowish discoloration may also occur. It can be associated with environmental causes, mechanical, chemical or electromagnetic damage, skin disorders, systemic diseases and lifestyle factors.

Causes of dark lips: 
  • Skin health is largely dependent on adequate moisture and the lips with its fewer layers of skin easily loses its natural moisture. This is more common in cigarette smokers and mouth breathers as the movement of air in and out of the mouth expedites moisture loss. Dry lips can eventually crack (chapped lips) and if it persists it can contribute to slight discoloration of the lips.
  • Your lips may face discoloration or darkness for different number of toxins and poisoning things or metals. These toxins are silver, mercury, bismuth, copper etc.
  • Anemia is one of the common causes of lip discoloration particularly in women during the reproductive years. It is often related to iron-deficiency anemia but any type of anemia can be responsible.
  • Eating disorders mean the deficiency of nutritional foods. The eating disorders cause various problems, like bulimia, and anorexia nervosa. For an example- bulimia means repetitive vomiting and the corrosive action of stomach acid. This problem may cause long term damage on the lips.
  • Cigarette smoking, alcohol abuse and regular narcotic use may all cause discoloration of the lips. Cigarette smokers may have darkening of the lips and inner lining of the mouth known as smoker’s melanosis. This only occurs in long term cigarette smoking and will resolve once smoking is discontinued.
  • Women apply cosmetics or makeups on the lips so that their lips look impressive and attractive. Sometimes, this lip product may cause darkness on your lips. The inferior, low and inexpensive lip products are formulated with chemical materials that are harmful to sensitive skin like lips.

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Home remedies against dark lips:
  • Beetroot has natural bleaching properties that can lighten dark lips. Apply fresh beetroot juice on your lips before going to bed. Wash it off the next morning. The natural red color of the juice will turn yourdark lips rosy. Do this daily before going to bed.
  • Rose gives a natural pink glow to the lips. Rose water has anti-inflammatory properties which soothes irritated skin and reduces sun damage. Make a paste of 1 teaspoon butter and 1 or 2 tablespoons pose petals (can use blender), then apply it on lips and massage for 3 to 4 minutes. Repeat daily until results are visible.
  • Lemon is often used to treat dark skin patches and spots, and you can use it to naturally lighten dark lips, too. Take a thin slice of lemon, sprinkle a bit of sugar on top and rub it on your lips. It will exfoliate dead cells so new, fresh skin can appear. Use this remedy daily for a few weeks.
  • Strawberries have a lightening effect and are fully loaded with anti-oxidants and minerals and prevents the destruction of collagen and the formation of the wrinkles. Apply strawberry juice to the affected area using a cotton ball and let it dry for 5 to 10 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat frequently until results are visible.
  • Cucumber works as a skin-lightening agent that will help make your lips, as well as your skin, a lighter shade. Simply rub a slice of cucumber against your lips gently so that your lips absorb the juice. Do this for five minutes each day.
  • Almond is rich in nutrients and high amounts of vitamin E, B, B2, and B6, fatty acids, anti-oxidants, PP, and phytosterols. Make a paste using 1 teaspoon powdered almonds and milk, then apply it on lips and massage 2 to 3 minutes. et it dry for 4 to 5 minutes and rinse with water. Repeat daily until results are visible.