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7,000 Studies Have Proven That Turmeric is Life-Changing: Use Turmeric in These 7 Amazing Ways!

Written By Admin on Saturday, November 5, 2016 | 2:00:00 PM

Turmeric can definitely be called the golden spice, and not just because of its color, but also because of incredible health benefits. This ingredient is a crucial ingredient in Indian curries, and also Americans use it to turn the mustard yellow.

According to legends, when Jesus was born, three wise men came and they brought Jesus gifts. They brought him frankincense, myrrh and gold. It is believed that people referred to turmeric as gold. Turmeric has a special place in Indian religion and tradition. People used it to worship the Sun God. Moreover, some people wore it as part of the purification process.
Furthermore, Buddhists monks also used turmeric. They travelled around the world and dyed their robes. According to evidence, turmeric was part of the Chinese medicine approximately 100 years ago. Turmeric became popular in the West in the mid-20th century.
Turmeric and Its Health Benefits
Turmeric has a wide range of anti-carcinogenic, antibacterial, anti-mutagenic, antioxidant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and antiviral properties. Moreover, it is abundant in zinc, copper, calcium, protein, potassium, Vitamin K, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, magnesium, niacin, dietary fiber, and iron. It is often used as a treatment for a number of conditions because of these properties.
Turmeric for Cancer Prevention
It has been proven that turmeric is able to prevent prostate cancer, halt its growth and even eliminate cancer cells. A number of researchers have discovered that this is due to its active compounds. Moreover, turmeric can prevent the growth of tumor cells, such as T-cell leukemia, breast cancer and colon cancer.
Turmeric as a Treatment for Depression
It has been proven that turmeric can fight depression naturally. Curcumin, which is an active compound of turmeric, acts as an antidepressant.
Turmeric Soothes Arthritis
Turmeric has anti-inflammatory properties which are excellent in treating rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.
Turmeric as an Immunity Booster
There is a substance in turmeric called lipopolysaccharide, and it has antifungal, antiviral and antibacterial properties, all of which strengthen the immune system.
Turmeric for Calming an Upset Stomach
Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric can control the stomach acid. Moreover, it soothes a heartburn.
Turmeric for Healing Wounds
Turmeric is excellent for the skin due to its antibacterial and antiseptic properties. In case of a burn or a cut, just sprinkle some powdered turmeric and it will hasten the healing process. Turmeric can be used as a treatment for psoriasis, damaged skin and similar inflammatory conditions.
Turmeric for a Healthy Heart
Turmeric breaks cholesterol and cholesterol clogs up the arteries and leads to heart attacks or strokes.
Helps in Maintaining an Ideal Weight
Including turmeric in your diet is a must if you want to lose some weight. There is a component in turmeric which stimulates the bile flow and it plays an important role in breaking down dietary fat.
As a Prevention for Alzheimer’s disease
According to studies, cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s occur as a consequence of brain inflammation. Turmeric stimulates oxygen flow and removes plague build-up. This will either prevent or slow down the progress of Alzheimer’s disease.
As a Liver Protection

Turmeric stimulates the production of vital enzymes, which are important for detoxification of the body. Moreover, turmeric also stimulates blood circulation.