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5 Homemade Skin Tightening Masks You Should Definitely Try At Least Once!

Written By Admin on Thursday, November 10, 2016 | 5:51:00 AM

Egg and Aloe Face Pack
This aloe and egg face mask is one of the best solutions to the problems with come with aging. You need one egg white and some aloe gel. Whisk the ingredients until you get a smooth and homogenous paste.

Apply this paste onto the face using a brush. Make sure you apply the mask in an upward direction, meaning from the chin up to the cheek, lifting up the skin the entire time. It will tighten on your face after a while.

Finally, take some cotton balls dipped in water and remove the mask from the face. Besides tightening the face and bringing back its natural elasticity, this mask will help you remove wrinkles, freckles, and any fine lines onto the skin.
Cucumber and Egg White
For the preparation of this face mask you will need an egg white and a chilled cucumber. Peel the cucumber first and blend it in order to create a smooth paste. Add the egg white and some lemon juice to the mixture and the face mask is ready to use.
As in the previous cause, apply the mask in an upward direction, from the chin to the cheek, lifting the skin all the time. Let it work for about 20 minutes before you wash the face thoroughly with cold water. What makes this mask so effective is its ability to tighten the sagging skin on the face.
Papaya and Rice Flour Pack
For preparing this mask you will need a piece of ripe papaya, rice flour, and some honey. Mash the papaya in a bowl first; add a tablespoon of rice flour and mix well to create a fine paste. Ultimately, add three tablespoons of honey and mix the mixture once again.
Apply the mask by massaging or tapping your face. Let it work for about 20 minutes before you rinse with lukewarm water thoroughly. What makes this mask effective is a compound called papain, naturally found in papaya, which helps prevent sagging and loosening of the skin.
Banana and Cream
The banana and cream mask is amazing for any skin issue! It uses a banana and some whipping cream only. The preparation is very easy as well and all you have to do is to mash the banana in a bowl and stir in the whipping cream. You can also squeeze a vitamin E capsule in the mixture if you want to enhance its effects.
Apply the mask onto the face and let it dry. Then, rinse the face thoroughly and pat dry it afterwards. Doing this gives a natural lifting to the skin and it rejuvenates the face which is basically one of its major benefits.
Blueberry and Honey
Blueberries are excellent in reducing the wrinkles and are well known for their ability to provide natural look of the skin. When it comes to the preparation of this mask, you will need a handful of blueberries and blend them to create a smooth paste. The honey is not added into the mask, but applied onto the face before the application of the blueberry mask.
Once you have covered your face with a layer of honey, apply the blueberry mask. Let it work for half an hour before you wash the face with lukewarm water. What makes this mask effective in tightening the skin and bringing back its glow is the presence of antioxidants. In addition, this mask will erase your lip lines, tighten the cheeks, and make your skin firmer.
Instead of going through surgical procedure, opt for an all-natural solution and use of ingredients which come right from Mother Nature. Using these masks, coupled with olive oil or any other oil rich in vitamin C will give you a youthful and wrinkle free face. It sounds amazing, doesn’t it?