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These Diseases Are All Caused by Microwave Ovens, And You’ve Probably Ignored Them!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, October 19, 2016 | 11:19:00 AM

The origin of microwave invention is dated back in the World War II when two scientist invented a special tube which produced microwave power called the magnetron. The microwaves has the ability to locate Nazi airplanes and prevent bombing attempt when combined with Britain’s radar system.

A few years after, Percy LeBaron Spencer from the infamous Raytheon Company (part of the military industrial complex) discover that microwaves actually has the ability to cook food. He found out that radar waves actually melted a candy bar in his pocket. Not long after, the fist microwave oven called Radar Range which was very huge in size was invented.
Now that we think about it, origin of microwave invention is quite strange. No wonder there are more and more researchers discourage the use of microwaves.
Why Do Microwaves Dangerous?
Microwave provide around 2.45 billion hertz. This may not be a huge problem as long as the seal on your microwave door is not leaking. But the truth is, even 10 hertz can cause problems to human body. So you need to ensure that you’re not standing anywhere near the microwave when it is on. Especially since you may only find out how your body adversely affected once things get worse.
The Dangerous of Microwave to Human Body
  • Microwave can cause a number of health problems including:
  • Cataract
  • Birth defects
  • Lower immune system
  • Lower resistance to bacterial infection
  • Cancer
  • Susceptibility to disease
The Effect of Using Microware to Cook Your Food
There is no doubt that microwave is very easy to use. But here are some bad effect microwave cause to your food:
According to a study conducted by Hans Hertel, a Swiss Scientist, cooking your food using microwave will degrade and deplete the nutrients inside.
Molecules in food will be degraded and deformed due to the radiation from the microwave. It will in turn create harmful radioactive compounds
In 1992, Search for Health conducted a study discover the effect of participants who consumed microwaved vegetables. According to the research, the participants experienced the following:
  • Significant rise in cholesterol levels.
  • Lower level in hemoglobin which cause an anemic-like conditions
  • Lower white blood cells level
  • Increment in leukocyte which is a sign of food poisoning and cell damage
  • Milk that went thought microwave process lost 96% of its antibodies.
  • Using microwave for infant formula can change the component into amino acids and create immunological problems.
Though your microwave has been perfectly sealed, It does not mean that you can use microwave safely. EMF can penetrate through human body and may cause some serious health problems. According to EPA, the maximum recommendation limit to EMF exposure is between 0.5mG – 2.5mG. However, standing 4 inches away from the activated microwave will get you exposed to 100 – 500mG. Even when you are 3 feet away, you will still exposed to 1 – 25mG. None of the options should be your preference
It may be convenient, easy and quick to cook your food using microwave. Unfortunately, there are just so many adverse effect awaits you after using it. So right now, the best option is to simply eliminate the use of microwave.