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PRESS your INDEX-FINGER 60 Sec – You will be amazed by the effects on your BODY!

Written By Admin on Monday, October 24, 2016 | 1:07:00 PM

Most of the people always reach for pain killers or seek for doctor’s help when they suffer from some kind of pain, but in some cases you can help yourself without any medications or doctor’s help.

Why and How Index Finger
Reflexology is a quite recent philosophy, which suggests that each part of the human body is linked to the hands.

The thumb is related to the heart and the lungs. So when you feel that your hearts rhythm is accelerated rub your thumb and then pull it.
By doing this you will slow down the beating of your heart.The forefinger is linked to the colon and stomach. If you have problems with constipation or abdominal pain just press your forefinger, rub for 60 sec. and the pull. Soon you will notice that your problem has faded away.
The middle finger is related to the heart, small intestine, blood and respiratory system. The next time you feel dizzy or sleepless just stretch and rub your middle finger.
The ring finger is related to your mood which means that whenever you feel depressed you can massage the ring finger and improve your mood in no time.
The small finger is linked to the kidneys, head and the neck. So if you have a headache or a pain in the back of your neck, massage your pinkie and you’ll get instant relief.
The palms are related to the nervous system, which would mean that stimulating blood circulation in the palms is beneficial for the psychological health and one of the ways to do this is to clap your hands.