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A Jar of Dried Figs in Olive Oil – Natural Remedy That Kills Stomach Bacteria and Enhances Fertility!

Written By Admin on Thursday, October 27, 2016 | 10:29:00 PM

Figs in olive oil are typical remedy used by the people of coastal areas, but if it’s so healthy for them, why shouldn’t be for everyone else. Bacteria in the digestive tract and infertility are some of the problems, where this combination of ingredients can give results. Some women claim that this natural remedy helped them to have children.

Fig is an interesting fruit and it’s one of the most popular for its health benefits. Someone loves them, but many don’t. Many people grow figs in the gardens as an ornamental plant, due to the specific, exotic leaves. This plant is mostly grown in warm areas, near the sea, but it can also be grown in the continental areas. It is not recommended to be grown in low temperature areas.
Figs are rich in calcium, potassium, zinc and are a good source of iron, then beta carotene, C, A, E and K vitamins.
Dried figs are much more caloric, than the fresh ones, so that’s why you should eat them in limited quantities.
Figs improve digestion, help in treating hemorrhoids, and contribute in the regulation of cholesterol. They also have mild laxative effect. Because figs contain calcium, which is very important for the body, they can replace dairy products. They are also a great aphrodisiac. The milk from the fig tree has the ability to eliminate warts. There are certain people who are allergic to figs, so be careful.
Recipe for dried figs in olive oil
Put 40 dried figs in a jar, and then pour the olive oil to the top of the jar. Close the jar and keep the mixture in a dark, cool place for 40 days. The figs will absorb a big amount of olive oil.
Eat one fig before each meal.
Many people will say that this is not tasty, but it’s very useful. Anyway, you should keep in mind that you should use a quality olive oil for this recipe, and the best quality figs also.
This is an old, folk remedy that can also help you in treating stomach problems, hemorrhoids, constipation, high cholesterol, infertility, anemia, asthma and bronchitis.