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Natural Remedy That Kills Cancer Better Than Chemotherapy and Treats Many Diseases!

Written By Admin on Friday, September 23, 2016 | 5:49:00 AM

Ginger is an amazing herbal remedy for all kinds of health conditions like vomiting, nausea, intestinal problems, loss of appetite and many other ailments. However, it has been recently discovered that it is much more powerful than that.

A new study has found out that ginger has powerful ability to kill cancer, and in fact, it was discovered that it is much more effective than chemotherapy.
Ginger contains a pungent compound which is the one that makes it so powerful to kill cancer stem cells in malign cancers.
It has anti-inflammatory, anti-metastatic, and anti-proliferative properties that make miracles for your health and make ginger one of the most potent disease-fighting spices in the world.

Cancer stem cells are the ones that cause cancer. They are usually called “mother cells” since they are responsible for producing all the different “daughter cells” that make the tumor grow and spread in the body.
These cells are immortal, simply because they have the ability to renew and differentiate. They are resistant to conventional chemotherapy and they may even split off and create a new, other tumor colony.
Therefore, they are the ones that must be destroyed in order to prevent cancer from stop growing and spreading.


According to the results of the researches conducted on ginger as an effective cancer remedy, the pungent constituent of the ginger known as 6-shogaol was activated in presence of cancer cells and destroyed them.
This constituent can be produced when you cook or when you dry the ginger root and it has been shown that 6-shogaol has some characteristics that make it a lot more powerful than chemotherapy.
Conventional chemotherapy kills not only cancer cells, but also healthy cells in the body. Contrary to that, this ginger constituent leaves non-cancerous cells alone, and destroys only cancer cells in the process.
The selective cytotoxicity is what makes ginger a much better cancer treatment than chemotherapy.
Ginger actually kills cancer cells in two ways: through apoptosis and through autophagy. In the process of apoptosis the cancer stem cells destroy themselves and do not harm the surrounding cells.
In autophagy, cancer stem cells actually start “eating themselves” and make it possible for them to never re-appear in your body.


  • It affects the cell cycle on a large scale, which increasingly kills cancer cells.
  • It has cell killing properties against 1-dimensional cancer model and 3-dimensional cancer models.
  • It inhibits the formation of breast cancer spheroids, or bumps.
Conventional techniques of killing cancer like radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy are effective in reducing the size of the tumors.
However, ultimately the cancer stem cell population regrows the tumors and the cancer re-appears. Ginger is a natural remedy for cancer without being synthetically produces like chemotherapy.


  • Phytonutrients and gingerols in ginger help in inhibiting the growth of colorectal cancer cells.
  • Ginger kills cancer cells and prevents them from building up resistance to cancer treatment.
  • Repeated chemotherapy can induce resistance in patients to chemotherapy drugs. Ginger can be a great help to prevent that.
  • Some studies have shown that ginger compounds can help in shrinking prostate cancer in mice by 56%.