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Homemade Turmeric Recipe to Relieve Pain Better Than Ibuprofen!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 | 6:19:00 AM

It is safe to say that you are popping dreadfully numerous ibuprofen tablets (Motrin, Nurofen, Advil and Nuprin) for everything extending from spinal pain, solid throbs, cerebral pains and different torments? While ibuprofen is incredible at decreasing aggravation and torment, there are numerous unsafe impacts from long – term use. The side – impacts of long – term ibuprofen (and different NSAIDs) use can incorporate (hypertension), erectile brokenness, looseness of the bowels/queasiness, gastrointestinal dying, expanded danger of heart assault, expanded danger of kidney growth and then some… Luckily nature has given a characteristic, more secure option – turmeric.

Ibuprofen and different NSAIDs, work by restraining a chemical, Cyclooxygenase 2 or otherwise called COX – 2 that causes aggravated ranges of the body to wind up more aroused and excruciating. Hinder the compound and you can decrease the aggravation and piece the torment. Turmeric is high in a compound called curcumin, and it too is a COX – 2 inhibitor! Not at all like ibuprofen, not very many individuals encounter any side – impacts from drinking turmeric tea, after – all, turmeric has been inebriated and eaten in South Asia for 1000s of years. Nonetheless, you ought not drink turmeric tea when bosom encouraging or pregnant. We have looked into this point to fulfill ourown needs, however we are not specialists, so on the off chance that you need to know more about the side – impacts/benefitsto both turmeric and ibuprofen kindly do your own exploration!

You can drink turmeric tea to help with pressure migraines and agonizing joints/muscles. The following is the turmeric tea formula you can utilize. We have seen other turmeric tea formulas with much higher measures of turmeric, with some likewise including ginger. For more measurements and formulas, please Google ‘turmeric tea formulas’.


  • 4 cups of water
  • 2 tablespoons of grated fresh turmeric root, or 1 heaped teaspoon of ground turmeric
  • Fresh lemon/honey to taste
Put water in a bowl on the stove and when it starts boiling, add the turmeric. Boil for 15  20 minutes,iyou are using fresh grated turmeric. Boil for 10 minutes, iyou are using powdered turmeric. Whenyou finish with the boiling, strain the tea through a fine sieve, and add the lemon and honey to suit your taste.