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After Finding Out This Common Food Is Processed In China, I’ll Be Sure To Never Buy It Again

Written By Admin on Thursday, September 29, 2016 | 3:32:00 AM

Chinese tradition is very interesting, and the Chinese people are really hard working. Although there is one bad thing that China is known all around the globe and that is selling fake items. Those kind of items need quality and they have really dangerous substances in them that can cause serious health problems. There are some online sites that sell those kinds of items such as AliExpress, eBay and Amazon.

That is why in this article you will read about 10 items that you should think twice before you buy them:
1. The Chinese garlic – more than 31% of the garlic that is sold in US is coming from China. Chinese people are spraying the garlic with really dangerous chemicals and that is why it leaves a bad aftertaste. What is even more frightening is that tainted garlic was found out by the US inspectors.
2. Chicken – In China the avian influenza and food-borne illness are common and that is why we should all be concerned about according to food safety experts. Also they use more pesticides than any other nation in the world.
3. Fake sweet potato noodles – Back in the 2011, there were complainings from people that the sweet potato noodles tasted really strange. And what was later discovered was that what gave the purple color to the noodles was the corn with an industrial ink.
4. Chinese apple juice – The half of the sold squeezed apple juice in US is coming from China. That is why it is recommended to avoid as much as you can to drink apple juice, and to go for the organic product juice.
5. Imitation eggs – With delivering and offering fake eggs some Chinese sites made up to 70 dollars daily. The chemicals that are used to make those fake eggs are really harmful, and consuming those eggs might cause memory-misfortune and dementia.
6. Tilapia fish – The most dangerous and unhealthy fish that you can choose to eat. Why is tilapia fish so unhealthy? – Because they eat almost anything, even the waste water. And that is why it is recommended to always avoid eating this type of fish.
7. Baby formula –You care about your baby, and that is why you should never go with this product. Back in the 2004 around 47 people were accused of producing fake instant baby formula that led to dozens of children dying. This baby formula was linked with developing a ‘’big head disease’’.
8. Mod sold as a black pepper – Local mud was collected and it was sold as black pepper by a market vendor in China’s Guangdong Province. And even their white pepper was made of flour.
9. Green peas – Back in the 2005 in China, the green peas were found and today they might are still be producing. They are made from soy beans, snow peas and sodium metabisulfite. Always avoid having green peas that are made in China.
10. Making beef out of pork – People do everything for the money, and that is why some restaurants sold pork instead of beef (the pork is cheaper). But to make it harder for others to find out they of course used chemistry here. They used beef extract and glazing agent to ‘’marinate’’ the meat for more than an hour. This can be the cause of deformity, slow poisoning and the worst case-scenario, cancer.