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14 Reasons Why You Should Consume Cucumbers On A Daily Basis

Written By Admin on Saturday, September 24, 2016 | 11:40:00 AM

This is the cucumber season, and we will now give you several good reasons why you should consume this vegetable as much as you can. Cucumbers contain an abundance of vitamin C. Besides making the skin shinny, cucumber contains over 90% water and this is the main reason why this ingredient is one of the best when it comes to hydration of the organism. It will also eliminate toxins and will give you energy. Besides this, cucumber is a rich source of fiber and is a great choice for every summer diet.

Most of the people peel this vegetable before eating it, little did they know, cucumber’s peel contains about 12% of the daily recommended dose of vitamin C. This is why you have to at least try and consume this vegetable together with its peel.
1. It hydrates the organism and eliminates toxins
Because of the huge amount of water, cucumber helps the organism to discharge the unnecessary and harmful toxins. This way, cucumber can maintain your kidneys’ health, because it decreases the level of urine acid in the body, thus keeping these organs’ overall health.
2. It stimulates energy
If you have a lack of energy and feel exhausted and tired, instead of reaching for an energy drink, which is extremely unhealthy, you should reach for cucumber. Because of vitamin B and carbohydrates, that cucumber possesses both in abundance, by consuming it, it will provide you with additional energy that will awake you.
3. It reduces the cholesterol level and protects the heart
Cucumber is able to reduce cholesterol and control and normalize blood pressure. Potassium which is contained in cucumber helps regulate blood pressure and it is highly recommended to those who suffer from high blood pressure to have it in their daily diet.
4. It reduces the risk of cancer
Thanks to the ingredients pinoresinol, secoisolariciresinol and lariciresinol, cucumber reduces the risk of several types of cancer, including breast cancer, prostate, ovaries and cancer of the uterus.
5. It regulates levels of sugar in the blood
This vegetable is especially recommended for diabetics, because it contains hormone that is necessary for the pancreas cells to produce insulin.
6. It reduces the pains in the bones, rheumatism
This healthy vegetable contains silicon, which relieves rheumatism and pain caused by arthritis. This mineral helps when it comes to strengthening the connective tissue. If you mix it with carrot juice it will reduce and mitigate pain in the bones by reducing the level of urine acid.
7. It neutralizes bad breath and treats the gums
If you have problems with bad breath, cucumber can really help you deal with it. Place a piece of cucumber in your mouth and hold it in for about 30 seconds. This way the cucumber piece will destroy the bacteria in the oral cavity that cause the bad breath. If you are dealing with frequent gum bleeding, include the cucumber in your daily diet because it will definitely will help you solve this problem.
8. It improves digestion organs’ function and helps in weight loss

Because of the consistence of high amount of fiber, cucumber is great for the digestive organs because it is able to regulate their functions. The water contained in cucumber, as well as the small amount of calories, makes this vegetable ideal for anyone wanting to reduce their excess body weight and thus maintain the desired waistline. Use as much cucumber as you can during the season and make sure this ingredient is a part of all salads, soups and sandwiches. You can also consume it as snacks chopped in sticks or add it in the mix of vegetables in order to prepare delicious shakes. Also, you can use cucumber to make vitamin water and encourage and stimulate the process of burning of fat.
9. It is great remedy against hangover
Cucumber is excellent remedy when it comes to dealing with and overcoming hangover. If you want to avoid the annoying and sometimes unbearable headache that usually occurs the very next day, then you should eat a few slices of cucumber before going to bed. It contains enough vitamin B, sugar and electrolytes that will compensate the lost nutrients during the stormy and probably fun night you just had.
10. It stimulates and accelerates hair growth
This vegetable will make both your hair and nails healthier and will make their appearance more beautiful. Silicon that is consisted in cucumber makes hair and nails stronger and brighter, and because of the high content of silicon and sumpur it also promotes hair growth.
11. It can successfully treat sunburns
This summer ingredient is a great remedy when it comes to dealing with skin burns caused during sunbathing and other various skin irritations. Cut the cucumber into slices and then put them onto the area affected by burns. Let the cucumber slices act for some time, until you feel some sort of relief.
12. It reduces eye bags
If your eyes are swollen and tired all you have to do in order to stop this is place one cucumber slices on each eye. Even though this has become a cliche, cucumber really helps when it comes to reducing eye bags and swollen eyes because of the anti-inflammatory properties it possesses.
13. It cleanses the skin
Cut some cucumber into slices and then place the slices all over your face. This way you will be able to cleanse the skin on your face completely naturally and easy. This is all thanks to the mineral salts that are consisted in this summer vegetable.
14. It reduces cellulite
Cucumber is extremely effective when it comes to dealing with cellulite. In fact, it is known that in the fight against cellulite it is highly recommended intake of more liquids on a daily basis, and knowing that this commodity is very rich in water, which is over 90% in its composition, consumption of this vegetable stimulates the excretion of water from the organism and excretion of toxins.