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What To Do With Garlic! The Big Secret Of People Who Never Get Sick!

Written By Admin on Monday, July 11, 2016 | 10:36:00 PM

Garlic is amazing vegetable with many useful properties. Thanks to the antibacterial properties, it treats many different diseases, including atherosclerosis, various types of cold, and kidney diseases. Also, it is a good adaptogen, and strengthens the capillaries.
Garlic is a great source of germanium, which is known anti-cancer agent. The amounts of this agent are so high, and there is no other vegetable on the planet that contains that much germanium. This priceless vegetable helps in the regulation of your blood pressure, so it’s the perfect remedy for people who are suffering from high or low blood pressure.

It improves your body immunity against allergies, regulates blood sugar levels, and helps in the removal of plaque from your artery walls. Garlic kills a lot of parasites when it enters your body.

As an extra to all these benefits are many nutrients and vitamins contained in garlic. Potassium, protein, zinc, calcium, vitamins C, B, B2, A, and many more are present in this magical vegetable.

Allicin powder is an organosulfur ingredient obtained from garlic.

In a twelve week, placebo controlled study, this powder reduced the occurrence of the common cold for more than 50%. Garlic thins the blood similarly as the effect of aspirin.

This is why you need to suck on garlic

Sucking on this vegetable will turbo-charge the immune system of your body. Simply suck one clove of garlic. If you can’t stand it, you can soak a slice of a clove into a local honey and consume it. Increase the quantity of garlic gradually. After sucking, you can take a sprig of parsley or fresh mint to freshen your breath. Brush your teeth with the parsley or mint. For even better effect, add 1 teaspoon of grounded coffee on your toothbrush.