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What Happens To Our Body When We Drink Sodas?

Written By Admin on Monday, July 4, 2016 | 1:58:00 AM

When we are tired and need energy quickly, we often reach for a soda. But do you know exactly what happens in our bodies when we drink these kinds of beverages?
Carbonated soft drinks are rapid solution to raise energy. They always meet our expectations and make us currently satisfied with the large amount of sugar. In fact this is the reason why experts warn that we should not exaggerate the daily consumption of large amounts of carbonated beverages.

See what happens in our bodies during one hour after we have drunk soft drink.
After 10 minutes –10 to 15 tablespoons of sugar enter our organism (depending on the drink). The body cannot register the high amount of sugar because folic acid softens it.
After 20 minutes – Blood sugar level increases fast. The organism answers to this by secreting insulin and turning the sugar into fat.
After 40 minutes – Caffeine from sodas is already absorbed in the organism. This contributes to feeling awake, and your blood pressure rises as well.
After 45 minutes – Body’s production of dopamine increases due to caffeine presence. Dopamine is neurotransmitters that stimulate and activate the pleasure center in the brain. Experts say that caffeine manipulates dopamine production as drugs and thus affects the mood and makes us feel good.
After 60 minutes – The level of sugar in the blood abruptly begins to decline again and causes unpleasant sense of fatigue from which we actually wanted get rid of by drinking soft drink.