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This Is Why You Need To Stop Drinking Coffee On An Empty Stomach!

Written By Admin on Friday, July 22, 2016 | 8:00:00 AM

You might think drinking coffee first thing in the morning is a good idea. You might even think it’s a great way to get yourself going.

But you might be shocked to hear that drinking coffee first thing in the morning — especially on an empty stomach — is a terrible idea.
How?? Let’s take a look at a few reasons.
1.Stomach acid
Your stomach contains hydrochloric acid, which, at the right level, supports your body digest food efficiently.
When your stomach is empty, this acid doesn’t really have much to work with, so it can slosh around and cause abdominal discomfort.
Drinking a cup of coffee on an empty stomach adds to the problem by secreting even more acid in your stomach.
Consistently having too much stomach acid will cause damage to your stomach and digestive tract, leading to conditions like acid reflux, heartburn, stomach ulcers, and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).
Longevity Coffee is a natural, low-acid type of coffee that will lower the quantity of acid your morning drink places in your stomach. That doesn’t mean you should drink Longevity Coffee on an empty stomach either, though. There are lots of non-acid-related health effects coffee has on your body.
Drinking coffee on an empty stomach increases the amount of fluid your body passes and can result in dehydration.
If you’re like many Americans in the morning, you’ll likely respond to that dehydration by reaching for yet another cup of coffee, making things even worse for yourself.
When you drink coffee in the morning on an empty stomach, you decrease your brain’s ability to properly process serotonin. Serotonin is the “happy hormone.”
When your brain is incapable of processing this hormone properly it causes anxiety and depression.
That will leave you feeling jittery, nervous and weak.
4.Appetite loss
Coffee has that effect on the body – it’s one of the reasons why coffee is so effective at helping you lose weight.
Although coffee can be a great way to overcome your appetite at certain points in the day, the morning should not be one of those points. You need breakfast. In the long run, if you skip breakfast, you’ll actually gain more weight than coffee could ever help you shrug off.
So, when you should drink coffee?
Researchers have pinpointed the ideal times, and it turns out that if you eat a good, healthy breakfast you can enjoy your coffee between 10 a.m. and noon.