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Written By Admin on Monday, July 18, 2016 | 2:37:00 PM

If the cannabis was discovered in the Amazonian jungles, today people would be endeavour to get the plant’s potentials as much as possible. Unfortunately, it has long history of condemned plant,” says Dr.
Today, the people prefer to choose treatments and healings which are harmonious with the body and aren’t dangerous for their health, instead of the conventional and pharmaceutical industry. The cannabis fits in this combination, especially in its raw form.

A little bit of history… This plant and its psycho-stimulative properties has been well known since the Ancient China civilization, where they have been using it as an analgesic, but its primary use was production of textiles and rope of hemp. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it for the same purpose, while the in India it has been used for rituals and religious purposes. In the Arab countries in the 15-th century, cannabis has been used for treating epilepsy. Napoleon brought it in Europe, while the Europeans brought it in Africa. In the second half of 19-th century and the beginning of 20-th century, marijuana has been legal for use and easily affordable for everyone for treating migraine, ulcers and digestive ailments.You should know that this plant can be found in two forms, one of which is known as hemp and is used for medicinal purposes with very low levels of THC and the other one is known as marijuana and contains higher levels of THC and is also used for medicinal purposes and as a recreational drug.

What happened?
Back in 1937, despite the opposition by the American Medical Association, marijuana was banned and its tax rate was too high, which made the growing more complicated and its price too high. This resulted with criminalization of marijuana, especially in the period between 60’s and the 70’s during the hippie movement.
Necessary essential vegetable!
According to Dr. William L. Courtney cannabis should be the next super food, especially in its raw form. Otherwise, the psycho-stimulating aren’t manifesting when the plant is consumed in raw form, and at the other hand the beneficial substances that allow the hemp’s healthy benefits are destroyed during the drying processes and high temperature exposure. The best way to consume it is to add it in your juice, according to Dr. Courtney.
What do we know so far?
The researching of the cannabis’ effects is difficult because of the fact that marijuana is illegal in most of the countries today. However, some researching has been done, mostly on experimental animals where anticancer properties of the cannabis were proven through many mechanisms, like inhibition of tumor cells growth without damaging the healthy cells, destroying tumor cells and preventing tumor vascularization.
On the other hand, it was proven that marijuana reduces the negative symptoms from chemotherapy, improves the appetite, reduces the pain and improves the sleep. Cannabis may cause some negative effects like palpitation, unsomnia, nausea and puking and paranoia.
There isn’t certain answer on the question if marijuana could cause usage of heavy drugs. It was proven that around 9% from the regular users develop symptoms of addiction. What is more important is that marijuana is less harmful than the nicotine which causes addiction in 35% of the uses; the cocaine which causes addiction in 17% of the recreational users; and the alcohol which causes addiction in 15% of the users.