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Powerful Method To Clean The Body Of Toxins: Technique With Cold Cloth For Healthy And Ill

Written By Admin on Sunday, July 17, 2016 | 3:41:00 PM

The method of detoxification of the body from all toxins in the body that pile for years can be applied by ill people, especially cancer patients, once a week, while healthy people can apply it if needed. The method of cold cloth was developed by the famous doctor Schulze.

You cannot perform this method alone. You need a companion who will help you. The method is consisted of three steps:
First step
Fill the tub with hot water and put handful of finely sliced ginger, chili peppers and mustard in it. Put the chopped ginger, hot chili pepper and mustard in a canvas bag, and then soak them in the hot water and squeeze them well several times. Before entering the tub, coat the area around the genitals in order to protect it. Then enter the hot bath, the water should be as hot as you can handle.
In order to increase the body temperature, you should drink hot herbal teas while you are in the bathtub.
The best teas you can drink while in the tub are yarrow and/or ginger, choose according to your desire. It is desirable to drink as many cups of tea as possible, but it is recommended to drink at least six cups of tea. If you feel dizziness or you are unconscious, the companion should put a cold cloth on your forehead.
Also your companion should have tincture of chili pepper or lobelia. First tincture prevents fainting and second stops spasms in the body that can occur while you are in the bathtub. If you happen to have some problems of the above mentioned, let your companion syringe into the mouth some of the tinctures, depending on the problem that might occur. When you come to the point where you can no longer endure, let your companion help you sit in the tub with hot water for 5 more minutes. You may happen to start crying, but do not worry because it happens to all.
When you exit the tub, your companion should wrap you in canvas which previously stood at 10 kg of ice. The canvas will be as cold as ice, but you will not even notice. After that, you companion should accommodate you in bed.
Second step
The bed is prepared in a way that you should a plastic or rubber waterproof covering over the mattress, and then put a sheet of cotton, wool or silk (no synthetics) over the covering.
You should be wrapped in a clean, white cotton cloth without synthetics, twice as big as the bed, which was previously immersed in ice water. The ends of the sheet should be tied, so you cannot remove it. The canvas will soak all poisons that will dispose through your skin as a result of the hot bath.
Once you are wrapped up in ice canvas, lie, and then let your companion cover you with a dry cotton cloth, and a woolen blanket over it.
Third step
The feet should be uncovered and smeared with olive oil (together with your fingers). Put coatings made of vinegar and garlic onto the soles and put a cotton cloth over the coating. Then put on white cotton or wool socks. Put cold wet cloth, which should be tied, over the socks. At this point you will look as if you are put into one large wet bag. Over the bound feet, a dry cotton cloth and woolen blanket placed in order to keep you warm.
You should spend the night like this.
If you must go to the bathroom, try to hold it or you can “wet the bed”. Do not worry if you GO while in bed because there is waterproof covering. Whatever you do, remember not to put away the coatings which you are wrapped in!
During the night the canvas will be painted in different colors due to the omitted toxins from your body. These are toxins have been in your body for years!
The next day wipe your whole body using warm vinegar mixed with water in ratio 1:1, in order to remove the toxins residues off of your skin.
Then put on some clean clothes and lie down.
In order to successfully finish this whole treatment, and literally remove all toxins, consume freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices in the next 2 to 3 days.