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Medlar- Food For A Healthy Metabolism

Written By Admin on Monday, July 11, 2016 | 8:18:00 AM

Medlar (Mespilus germanica) is a fruit that is present on our soil for centuries. Grafting the pear and quince, and it usually gives fruit the first year. These tree blossoms somewhere around April and the tree can grow up to 7 meters. The fruit is good for picking somewhere around the autumn, you can`t eat it right away because it is very hard, so you should leave it for about several weeks to soften.

This fruit can be used for making jam, different liquor and rakija. People familiar with natural medicine say that the medlar is a fruit that enhances the metabolism. It speeds up the work of the liver, strengthens the kidneys, enhances the blood test and lowers the wrist and back pain.
This fruit tightens the mucosa recommended during mouth bleedings and curing different types of aphtae. Besides this it encourages the secretion of the saliva, encourages food digestion in the stomach, so it is recommended to people that have digestion problems or to old and frail people. People familiar with the natural medicine enhances the curable affect of the seeds. The seeds are put in the water, you wait until they are soft and that you use them to treat your wounds. While they are in the water they free the components needed to help the wound to heal – said from the people knowing the natural medicine.
The medlar is a fruit which on our soil we have it in abundance and we rarely use it. So we encourage you to think a little about the consummation of this fruit. Its good qualities are really very big, and it deserves your attention.