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Important Things You Must Know About Watermelon

Written By Admin on Saturday, July 16, 2016 | 12:09:00 AM

Sweet, juicy and cold watermelon is the perfect summer refreshment.
No matter how you like it, you must know these several important things about watermelon.

1. Cutting
Cutting the watermelon can sometimes be a little hard work. One of the ways to ease this is to cut the watermelon not in length but in width. Cut both halves so that you get something similar to a hexagonal shape.
2. Cutting in quarters
We believe many use this method, and why would not they -- it is not complicated at all. This way you will chop the watermelon easy and fast, plus, you will gain all its juice.
3. Grilled watermelon
Grilled watermelon is the leading specialty this summer. Wonderful flavor you will be amazed by. Chop the watermelon in pieces, spread some honey and put it on the grill.
4. Watermelon with salt
If you salt a piece of watermelon it will not be salty. On the contrary, it will become even sweeter. The same effect can be achieved with sugar as well. Of course, do not overdo!