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If This Doctor Was Diagnosed With Cancer, He Would Immediately Do These 5 Things!

Written By Admin on Thursday, July 7, 2016 | 7:04:00 AM

Mark Hymen is a doctor and one of his friends recently asked him what he would do if he had been diagnosed with cancer. Ha said that he had had a lot of time to think that through and that unfortunately he has witnessed a lot of cancer in his life, with his patients and his family.

The protocols of conventional medicine are wrong when it comes to cancer. The problem is that a lot of doctors do not treat the cause of the disease. They cut it, burn it, and poison it with radiation and surgery and drugs. Instead of focusing on the cause, they name the disease based on body location and specialty. So people are diagnosed with kidney, liver, heart or brain disease, but the cause still remains unknown. Rather than asking ourselves what disease we have and what drugs to use to treat it, we should ask about the prime causes of the disease.

A Functional Medicine Approach to Cancer
Functional medicine addresses the roots of the disease. It tends to prevent and manage chronic diseases. Practitioners of functional medicine are like soil farmers. They make healthy soil and this means that disease can’t survive. Cancer happens as a result of an imbalance in your body. We can prevent tumors from growing by keeping a healthy soil. Functional medicine does not divide the body into organs. Instead it approaches the disease as a systematic problem, and it treats the system and the cause.
It does not necessarily have to mean that two people who suffer from the same type of cancer need the same treatment. People who have cancer in different parts of their body might have developed it by the same reason. On the other hand, people with cancer in the same parts of the body might have developed it by different reasons.
Cultivating a Healthy Soil
There are a number of things that can cause cancer. Some studies show that the initiation, the growth and the progression of cancer are influenced by diet, thoughts, environmental toxins, feelings and exercise.

5 Ways of Reducing Formation of Cancer and its Growth

1. Give up sugar. Sugar causes diabesity and it feeds cancer. The first thing you can do to put a stop or control cancer is to control the insulin levels. You can do this by consuming a high-fiber diet which is rich in whole, fresh foods and to eliminate or minimize processed, sugary and foods which raise the insulin levels.
2. Put an end to food sensitivities. A major study found out that hidden gluten sensitivity increases the death risk by 35 to 75 %, primarily by causing cancer or heart disease. Gluten and dairy are the most usual triggers of food allergies which are connected to insulin resistance.
3. Decrease inflammation. What connects most chronic diseases, taking into account cancer as well is inflammation. Inflammation which is out of control leads to insulin resistance, which is one of the main factors for all these diseases. Eat anti-inflammatory foods, and also foods rich in omega-3, like flaxseeds and wild fish.
4. Improve your gut health. Cancer often begins in the gut. You should avoid inflammatory foods, but add probiotics, lots of phytonutrients, prebiotics to improve your gut health.
5. Reduce exposure to toxins. An average newborn has 287 chemicals in their umbilical cord blood and 217 of them are neurotoxic. Some of those chemicals are phthalates, pesticides, flame retardants, bisphenol A and some heavy metals like arsenic, lead and mercury. These chemicals damage the nervous system and they increase the risk of developing cancer.
What is important is that in order to change your immune system you need to change your thoughts. You need a lot of sleep, reduce stress and do regular exercise.