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Health Benefits of Avocado and Banana

Written By Admin on Monday, July 11, 2016 | 12:41:00 AM

Do you know the health benefits of Avocado and Banana? Nowadays, everyone has become more and more health conscious. Fruits are in great demand as their nutritional value is way more than the other foods. It is important to know Avocado and Banana benefits as both of them are nutritious fruits and can form a major part of our diet.
Avocado Benefits are as follows: Natural detoxification, Osteoporosis prevention, Protection from chronic disease, Cancer prevention.

Banana Benefits are as follows: Muscle pain relief, Piles treatment, Prevents constipation, Skin cleansing, Ulcer treatment, Diarrhea treatment, Cancer prevention.
Avocado and Banana are also known for their hair and skin benefits. Skin Benefits of Avocado are: Brightens and lightens complexion, Reduces wrinkles, Skin cleansing, Treatment of dark spots while the skin benefits of Banana are: Anti-aging benefits, Hydrates skin, Skin rejuvenation. Hair Benefits of Avocado are : Acts as moisturizer, Good conditioner, Protects hair, Regulates hair growth, Rejuvenates scalp, Remedy for split ends, Shiny hair, Softening mask and that of Banana are Prevents hair loss, Shiny hair, Softening mask. Depending on Avocado and Banana benefits, you can decide which fruit would suit your diet! Due to the presence of vital nutrients and appropriate count of calories, the benefits of fruits are numerous.