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Why you should not smoke immediately after eating ?

Written By Admin on Thursday, June 16, 2016 | 11:13:00 AM

Most smokers want to reach for a cigarette immediately after finishing a meal, but did not realize how much damage he rubbed his body with this habit.Strong desire and urge in cigarette smoking in eating is somethink which can be approximated most smokers.They immediately lighting cigarettes, because they think the quicker you digest food, but science does not support that their theory.

The cigarrete especially irritates the intestine, but the part of the digestive system which then affects the body. Nicotine from cigarettes binds to the oxygen in the blood, because after eating, when the digestive system is working at full steam, easily absorbed. Therefore, smoking after eating can cause a whole range of difficult problems in the digestive system, from irritation to serious diseases.
People suffering from ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome should avoid smoking in a wide arc, and those who are smokers will necessarily have to give up cigarettes after eating because smoking further exacerbating symptoms of their disease and hampers digestion.
Numerous studies have shown that smoking after meals is 10 times worse than "normal". In particular, one cigarette has effect as 10 cigarettes smoked. Therefore, after a meal minimal wait half an hour before to smoke.