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What She Spreads On Her Skin, Everyone Has at Home – But Nobody Uses It!

Written By Admin on Monday, June 27, 2016 | 11:39:00 AM

Do you drink coffee?
When I ask people this question 99.9% of the time I get the reply -- yes!

While coffee is a great drink for keeping you alert throughout the day although it should be taken in moderation, its grounds are even more effective and beneficial to your general beauty and housekeeping routine.
Ways By Which Coffee Grounds Are Beneficial As A Natural Beauty Product And Household Cleaning Agent
  • Eliminating Cellulite
It is effective as a cellulite remedy just as most commercial products have caffeine as a major ingredient. Mix coffee grounds with coconut or olive oil to get a cost effective cellulite remedy.
  • As A Soap
Coffee grounds are great as a soap alternative it firms your skin and also has exfoliating properties as well.
  • It’s Great For Your Hair
Coffee grounds will stimulate hair growth, it will also boost blood circulation in your scalp and will help firm up your hair roots and prevent brittle and lose hair.
  • Use It To Prevent Bags Under Your Eyes
You can use coffee grounds to reduce the appearance of bags under your eyes as it has skin firming properties to help firm up the loose skin.
  • Use It To Kill Bad Odours In Your Fridge
To get rid of that foul smell in your fridge and prevent the tainting of your refrigerated food stuff, you can put coffee grounds in a small bowl in your fridge, it will kill the bad smell.
  • Get Rid Of Grill Rust
Put some coffee grounds on a sponge and scrub your barbecue grill with it afterwards rinse the grill with warm water to get a clean and rust free grill.
  • Use As an Abrasive
You can use coffee grounds to scrub your pots and pans and get them sparkling clean. It is a natural chemical-free abrasive option for your use at home.
  • Coffee Grounds Help To Ward-Off Ants 
The smell of coffee grounds is so strong that it irritates ants you can sprinkle some coffee grounds where ants tend to pass to keep them at bay.
  • It Also Wards-Off Fleas
You can massage moist coffee grounds in the fur of your pets and drive away fleas, mix coffee grounds with coconut oil and rub it on your dog’s fur. It will also help kill any foul odour that your pet may have.
  • Ward-Off Wasps 
To ward-off wasps put coffee grounds in a jar and place in on a ledge or window lit it and let the smell of the burning coffee grounds drive away wasps, bees and even mosquitoes.
  • Protect Your Crops From Snails 
You can protect your crops like beets from snails as these creatures hate the smell of coffee grounds. Just sprinkle some coffee grounds in places where the snails can get to your crops and they will stay clear.
  • Chase Off Stray Cats
To ward-off stray cats just sprinkle some coffee grounds near your fence and at the perimeter of your house to keep those cats at bay.
  • As An Effective Fertilizer 
Coffee grounds are rich in potassium, phosphorous and nitrogen which are essential minerals necessary for the growth of crops, it therefore serves as an excellent fertilizer for your plants.
Make sure you try these coffee ground tips today, you will be glad you did.