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Wake Digestion And Bowel With This Drink.

Written By Admin on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 | 4:16:00 AM

Messy food especially if it is based on too little cooked food and overcrowded speed snacks in our body produces weight. The result is a feeling of cargo, the famous ‘rock’ in the stomach, fatigue and lack of energy, all these ills will partially ease the mix of vegetables and fruits with the effect of digestion and bowel cleaners.

The recipe for detox drink:
– ½ liter of water
– 1 grapefruit 
– 2 large carrots
– 1 cucumber
– two slices of grated ginger
– 5 leaves of mint
Peel the grapefruit, carrot and cucumber and cut into slices, put in blender, mix, and the smallest. Add water, ginger and again mix, then finally add the mint leaves. Prepared beverage consume twice daily preferably in the morning and before lunch.
– plenty of fiber and antioxidants beta – carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A, and fiber is only part of the composition of the most popular orange vegetables that stimulates the digestive system to work faster, and resolves deadlock caused by overcrowding.
– the most popular fruit in every potion whose role is to cleanse the body is rich in vitamin C, dissolves fats and turns them into energy.
– thanks to the abundance of fiber increases the feeling of fullness, natural duiretik flatulence and soothes and cleanses the body of toxins.
– accelerates and controls the digestion and soothes the stomach.