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Try this Easy Drink for Faster Metabolism

Written By Admin on Monday, June 6, 2016 | 5:14:00 AM

Generally the healthy and beautiful body does not depend upon the calories you take, but it entirely depends upon the metabolism and type of food we eat, which helps in regulating the digestion problem and metabolize the food content required for  body.

Easy Drink  Recipe for Faster Metabolism:

Here is the drink which is loaded with minerals, Vitamins and amino acids or you may consider it as a snack items for better digestion.
Banana-Spinach Drink Recipe:
As we know banana is the best ingredient which not only helps in metabolizing the food content but also gives the sufficient energy and ingredient spinach is the best sources for all the vitamins, definitely the combination of these two ingredients gives the required result.
1/2 cup of water
300 g spinach
1 clove of chopped lettuce
3-4 celery stalks
1 peeled and chopped apple
1 banana
1 peeled and chopped pear
You may include the Fresh coriander (leaves) and parsley for better result.
Combine all the above ingredients and make a juice or else if you want you can include as snack in your diet.

Easy Digestion and Metabolism tips:

Sometimes we may not control the intake of food especially during parties and due to the high intake of food our digestion is very difficulty to process and in that condition you might have observed the condition of vomiting ,So to avoid such situation and to go digestion process very easily,Add a spoon of salt in Lemon water and drink it for the better digestion and metabolism of food .