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This Woman Heals Herself From Thyroid Cancer By Turning To Only Raw Food!

Written By Admin on Sunday, June 12, 2016 | 12:25:00 AM

Nowadays, the most dangerous and deadliest disease is cancer which is why people are in constant search for more natural and efficient remedies. One such case is the case of Dr. Ruby Lathon, an engineering professional. She was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Dr. Lathon was afraid even of the thought of undergoing a surgeries and taking medications, but the doctors always recommend this kind of treatment. Being afraid, she decided to avoid surgery and she tried to explore other alternative solutions.
“I decided to try an alternative, holistic approach to cure it rather than go through surgery and be on medications all my life,” said Lathon. She gaveherself a year to beat the cancer by completely changin her lifestyle. First thing she did, was to eliminate all processed foods and stopped her dairy intake. Instead she decided to eat only raw foods and always made sure to consume pleanty of fruits and veggies.
The results?
The effectivenss of these dietary shift proved positive because she was cancer-free even before her one-year frame.
She said:  “I’ve always had a firm belief that the body can heal itself.”
Nowadays, Dr. Lathon is still devoted to her healthier lifestyle. She is involved in seminars and workshops that teach about the healing powers of whole, plant-based foods. Moreover, she provides healthy recipes on her YouTube channel, TheVeggieChest. Just some of the many recipes found there include a raw beet jicama salad with spicy lime dressing, an egg-free quiche and a raw sun-dried tomato hummus.
A raw food diet has healed several others with a variety of health problems
Lethon is not the only one that discovered the health benefits of raw food diet. Stacy Stowers is another woman who started consuming raw foods because she had debilitating fibromylagia that kept her in a state of chronic pain for almost 20 years. Once she changed her lifestyle and incorporated raw food In her diet, she was able to get out of bed within 10 days. Ever since she is free from such pain.
Another case is Amanda Brocket who suffered from systemic candidiasis. She was constantly fighting sugar cravings, she was always fatigued, mentally and physically. She decided to change her lifestyle and to detox her body by consuming raw foods only. After just two months, she was symptom-free.
You will be amazed to hear that consuming raw foods can save you from breast cancer. Janette Murray-Wakelin was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and she was told that she has only 6 months to live. Once she heared that, the decided to eliminate all harmful foods and to consume raw foods only. After those 6 months when she was supposed to be dead, she was given a clean bill of health.
Some people believe that raw food doesn’t provide the body with adequate nutrients, but the evidences show otherwise. Not only have many people like Lathon healed themselves in this manner, but they’ve shown that the myths surrounding the lifestyle can be put to rest.
Putting raw food myths to rest
There is one myth about people who eat raw foods which says that they onle consume fruits and veggies, or just enjoy one particular vegetable all day for weeks on end. However, beside consuming fruits and vegetables, they also eat nuts and seeds.
Moreover, the notion that raw food diet is expensive and not everyone can afford it is also a myth. People who enjoy raw food need to remind people how much meat and all those junk food costs. Also, they need to demonstrate them that an unhealthy diet is truly the kind that costs, impacting the wallet and lost work time, as well as hospital fees that may result from the many health complications that these foods bring about.