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The Juice Of This Plant Cures Rheumatism Inside, As Well As High Blood Pressure And Kidney Disease

Written By Admin on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 | 12:51:00 AM

This plant is surprisingly good in the treatment of asthma and rheumatism, and it can improve circulation and digestion.
All parts of celery are healthy and can be used, from the root to the leaves. It is rich in magnesium, vitamin K, fiber, and because of the large amounts of vitamin C, it can successfully cure flu and cold symptoms. It is recommended that you make the soup of celery and regularly eat it when you have the flu or a cold.
Celery stimulates the exchange of substances throughout the body. Also, it is full of oil, vitamins and minerals. The root is rich in oil, sugar, pentosan, fats, asparagine, tyrosine, and so on.
Because of its diuretic impact, celery can be used for treating rheumatism, gout, joint pain, kidney and urinary tract, stones and sand in the bladder, urinary tract irritation, cellulite, and obesity, asthma, lung irritation, and nervous diseases.
Furthermore, it expels extra fluid from the body and therefore is beneficial for cardiovascular diseases.
Celery regulates high blood pressure and can remove toxins from the body. It is excellent for the liver and gall bladder diseases. Because it can regulate blood pressure, it is also recommended for people suffering from diabetes. So, generally speaking, celery successfully treats asthma, rheumatism and kidney diseases. It calms the nervous system, increases blood circulation and cleanses the urethra. It also improves blood test results.
Celery juice – Preparation:
It is necessary to clean, peel and grate the roots of one celery, 3 carrots, beets and one white carrot. Add 2 liters of boiling water, and leave it overnight. In the morning, strain and drink the juice on an empty stomach, in order to most effectively achieve the therapeutic effect.