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So Many Benefits For You To Gain – Seek Remedy In Custard Apple!!!!

Written By Admin on Tuesday, June 7, 2016 | 4:26:00 AM

We all know the saying “ an apple a day, chase the doctor away”, but have you heard about custard apple?

Custard apples are a decadent and deliciously sweet sub-tropical fruit. The Australian custard apple is a hybrid of the sugar apple (Annona squamosa) and the cherimoya (Annona cherimola), and is unique to any other custard apples grown around the world.You need to start including the custard apple in your daily meals. And here is why:
  • Good for the skin and hair:

Custard apple is rich of vitamin A, an antioxidant that makes the skin and hair needs to be shiny.
  • Healthy eyes:

The vitamin A in this fruit is also protecting your cornea and retina of harmful radicals.
  • Helps with weight gain:

Many people have problems gaining weight no matter what they eat. If you are one of them, custard apple is the answer. It doesn’t contain refined sugars like processed foods.
  • Eases asthma:

Custard apples contain vitamin B6, known to reduce inflammation in the bronchial tube. Consuming the fruit regularly can reduce the chances of asthma attacks.
  • Lowers heart disease risk:
    This fruit contains high amounts of magnesium, which relaxes the cardiac muscles and reduces the chances of heart disease.

    Regulates blood pressure:

    The potassium in the custard apples helps the blood vessels relax.

    Reduces cholesterol:

    Custard apples contain niacin and fibers. One of them boosts the good cholesterol levels and the other flushes the bad one.

    Prevents anemia:

    Custard apple is rich in iron and encourages red blood cell production to prevent anemia.

    A great source of energy:

    The custard apple contains thiamine, which converts the food into energy and with that it improves your energy levels.

    Strengthens the bones:

    The magnesium in custard apples helps activate the vitamin D in the body, which is vital for calcium absorption and bone health.
    Start consuming custard apples and improve your health. Use it in every meal you can. It is best consumed fresh and it will bring you many benefits.
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