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Pour some apple cider vinegar into a small bowl and set it in your house. The reason? Genius!

Written By Admin on Tuesday, June 28, 2016 | 5:17:00 AM

Apple cider vinegar is a cleaner safe for the environment which is a weak form of acetic acid that’s safe to consume. Here are some interesting ways in which you can use ACV – stick to the simple tips and you will be amazed by the results!

  1. If you happen to have clogged your drain, don’t worry – pour a cup of baking soda and a cup of ACV down the drain followed by a cup of hot water after the foamy reaction stops. The mixture will unclog your drain in minutes!
  2. Pour some white vinegar on an area with sticky residue to remove it completely.
  3. White vinegar can also help you remove the odor from your trash can. Take a piece of bread and soak it in vinegar, then put it on the bottom of the can and leave it overnight. Remove the piece of bread in the morning and you will notice that the odor is gone. This method can be used to remove odor from any place.
  1. Pour white vinegar to a third of a spray bottle and fill it with water and a couple of drops of dish soap to create a powerful cleaner that can clean almost anything in your house.
  2. Pour some apple cider vinegar in a bowl and cover the top with Saran wrap, then poke a few holes in it. This will easily attract fruit flies which will be unable to leave afterwards.
  3. If you need to unwrinkle your clothes in a hurry, add a part of vinegar and three parts of water in a spray bottle and spray your clothes. Leave them hanging for a couple of minutes and they will flatten easily.
  1. If your cat scratches everything in your house, just spray some ACV on the area and you won’t have the problem anymore!
  2. If your flowers dry quickly, pour some apple cider vinegar in the vase and you will make them last longer.
  3. When your glasses are still not clean after washing them, soak a soft cloth in ACV – the vinegar will help you remove all kind of stains, dirt and smudges on your glasses and make them crystal clear.
  4. If your pots and pans have burnt-in stains, boil a mixture of white vinegar and water in them for 5 minutes and your cookware will look as good as new.