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Written By Admin on Sunday, June 26, 2016 | 6:37:00 AM

Do you think that life after death exists and that people do have souls? There have been plenty of stories with people claiming that they have been to what is called the afterlife and then came back again.
Almost all of them are pretty unbelievable. So is this story, and it is one of a 25 year old Harvard neurosurgeon.

His name is dr. Alexander, and he claims that he has never been a true believer of an afterlife. Surrounded by people who focused on material goods, never once did he even had the time to think this opinion over and maybe change it.
All until something happened – he was in a coma for an entire week because of bacterial meningitis. When he woke up, his entire perception was changed.
Because of his newfound view of life and based on his own personal experience, he wrote a book calle „Proof of Heaven“, which immediately hit NY bestseller’s list.
In his book he comments about how we are all living souls, here on Earth just to gain some more experience, and he talks about the growth of a person which can be achieved by compassion and unconditional love. In addition, we will present you with some of the key points of his book.
He claimed that his existence here on Earth is but a mere dream just because his experience was so real. The states that love is the only language of the Universe.
Also, he claims that telepathic communication is the only form of communication there, with no need of spoken words, for all the questions one has are answered to him telepathically.
The spiritual realm is the perfect place to be. No one is sad, lonely or unprotected, for everyone are under the wings of love, similar as the way God had intended.
And it is all achieved through love. Not the abstract love, but the unconditional, purest in it’s form love, in all shapes.
Whether it is love towards a spouse, or children, or animals, that is the true selfless form, and the only form that should be present in our lives.
So, basically, peple who do not accept this form of love can never understand who they truly are, claims dr. Alexander.
Now let’s look at this from a scientific side. The doctor, whose neocortex was not in function, can never prove did he really experience all of this.
After all, he was in a coma for seven days. Here are some explanations to justify the words of the doctor.
1. There is a possibility that the brain made up the entire situation in order to escape from the pain and suffering, but the doctor dismissed this opinion, for it does not explain the vivid details and the memories he had of that place. This was even described as an unclear form of memories, but it still does not explain the vividness.
2. A second possible explanation is that it has all happened under the influence of DMT. This is a vision-producing natural serotonin.
However, the doctor knows that the serotonin can be connected to some drugs such as LSD, and is positive that this is not an outcome of DMT, because he has seen the outcome through his patients and it is not similar at all.
On the contrary, the doctor disagrees with this one too, because the neocortex is the part which is influenced by the serotonin, creating these audio and visual memory-like experiences. Hiw neocortex was destroyed, so there is no possibility that the DMT is the cause.
3. This next one is an option too, which is the reboot phenomenon. It is basically a bunch of disconnected memories, all wound up in one, creating a new memory.
This happens when the cortex is being restarted after a period of not being in function, in this case it is because of the meningitis. But, the doctor overthrow this option too, also only because of the vividness of the memories.
4. The last option was that dr. Alexander experienced something called memory generation, but this can only be achieved by birds and humans with cortical blindness. Still, no explanation of the memories and audio-visual incorporation has been given.
This experience was added to the list of the most incredible ones, because of the fact that there are scientific roots supporting it.