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Get Long And Strong Hair In One Month With One Herb (RECIPES)!

Written By Admin on Wednesday, June 15, 2016 | 5:05:00 PM

Most women pay big attention to their hair. That means that they want to have hair that is healthy. Many people should not see this as only beauty factor, taking care of your hair can also be good for your overall health. Today many people are facing with hair fall and unhealthy hair but they can be easily treated with a few natural remedies with using curry leaves.

What makes curry leaves so good when it comes to the health of the hair? –High source of antioxidants and amino acids that are reducing hair fall and stimulating hair growth and high source of beta-carotene (limits hair loss) and proteins (prevents hair thinning).
You can use the healthy properties of curry leaves through topical application or through diet. Both ways are effective.
To prevent premature greying, combine curry leaves with hair oil and apply it on your scalp. Just heat pure or virgin oil and put one handful of fresh curry leaves. Remember that before using the curry leaves they should be washed and dried completely.
To stimulate hair growth, make a paste by mixing handful of curry leaves and yogurt. This should be used as hair mask, so apply the mixture on the hair and leave it to stay for 20 minutes. After that, wash the paste off with warm water and shampoo. Use this mask often in order to rejuvenate hair follicles and to promote growth of new hair.
To repair damaged roots, apply the curry leaves directly on your scalp. And hair growth will speed up automatically when the roots of your hair are stronger.
To reduce hair fall, make a mixture of 2-3 curry leaves and few drops of milk. Mix well until paste is formed and apply the paste on the hair and leave it like that for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes wash and clean your hair as usual. If you use this method often you will reduce hair fall.
Curry leave are good source of nutrients which can strengthen the hair follicles in a very short period of time. And hair follicles are of a big importance for the health of the hair. Also curry leaves have vitamin B6 and vitamin B6 is capable of acting as a hormone regulator in the process of hair loss.
Besides the health of the hair, curry leaves can also help you with losing weight and to treat acne. For weight loss just as most of the herbs, curry leaves are good for a proper function of the digestive system. And for acne you should make a paste of 2 to 3 fresh curry leaves and organic turmeric.
You can make tea from curry leaves for a good health of the hair. Just boil curry leaves in water and drink from the tea daily for a week and you will notice the improvements of your hair.
Also you can use it as natural hair tonic with mixing handful of curry leaves in a bowl filled with water. Mix until the water has the greenish color and the leaves are soft. Remember to apply them gently on your hair with massaging for 10 to 15 minutes. And repeat this procedure at least twice every week.
In order to keep your hair soft and healthy you can also make hair mask with curry leaves. The hair masks made with curry leaves will not only clean the scalp but the will aid in restoring the hair strength and it will prevent any kind of damage to the hair.
And last but not least the most effective method to gain improved hair growth is to use the curry leaves as ingredient in hair oils. You will need cup of coconut oil and 4-5 curry leaves. In a small vessel drop the curry leaves and the coconut oil. Afterwards place the vessel in a large bowl of water and heat the water until the oil is heated. You will notice that the oil is heated when a black residue is formed. Apply the residue on the hair at least twice every week. Doing this method more often will stimulate hair growth.