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Eliminate Gastritis and Heartburn in The Blink of an Eye With This Powerful Natural Remedy

Written By Admin on Friday, June 24, 2016 | 3:16:00 AM

Eliminate gastritis with a simple home remedy. After this you will not feel the pain in your stomach for years.The stomach is an organ placed between the esophagus and a part of small intestine, duodenum, where food we eat start to digest.

This is a formal definition, but if we ask you the first thing that comes to your mind when stomach is mentioned, you will probably associate with food, hunger, pain or butterflies in it.
The main function of this organ is digestion, but as you know stomach secrete an acid with very low pH, that kills bacteria entered with food, and on that way protects us from intestinal infections that later lead to diarrhea. This organ can be affected by various diseases. One of the most common stomach  diseases is gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach mucosa, that cause epigastric pain, heartburn, bloating, loss of appetite and even bleeding.
There are several causes of gastritis, but it is mainly related to poor eating habits, stress, abuse of some drugs, such as NSAID, H.Pylori infection, alcohol and smoking. There are several drugs  for gastritis, but today we present you some natural possibilities to combat these annoying symptoms, with all natural ingredients we have at home.

Powerful natural remedies for gastritis and heartburn

  • Carrot and celery juice: In a blender, ad two carrots, a few celery sprigs and water, blender until smooth, and you have an anti-inflammatory drink that will help you relieve the heartburn.
  • Rice water: Put to boil a liter of water with two handfuls of white rice, let cool, drain the rise water and drink it during the day to alleviate the symptoms.
  • Parsley water: besides being a good diuretic, this plant protects gastric mucosa also. Blend a few parsley branches with one liter of water and drink this parsley water during the day.If you keep it to the refrigerator, you will find it more refreshing.
  • Apple and chamomile: Peel and slice an apple, add few chamomile flowers and water and put to boil.When apple is cooked, remove from the heat and drink this water every morning.
  • Ginger and pear: the preparation method is same to the previous one. As well as anti-inflammatory ginger is a great antibiotic that can fight the stubborn bacteria in the stomach, H.Pylori.