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97 Surprising Coconut Oil Uses To Better Your Life

Written By Admin on Sunday, June 19, 2016 | 3:29:00 AM

There are a ton of different coconut oil uses for just about every area of your body. Coconut oil is an extremely versatile product and has antibacterial and antifungal properties that work inside and outside the body. It can boost metabolism, heal a variety of ailments, and it tastes great and feels good on the skin. Here are 97 coconut oil uses that anyone can try at home.

And here’s why you shouldn’t stop exploring other powerful benefits of this “superfood”:

Coconut Oil Can be Used in the Kitchen

  1. Use it to fry foods at any temperature – it can handle high heat
  2. “Butter” your toast with coconut oil
  3. Substitute coconut oil for butter or other oils in recipes
  4. Add a small amount to recipes for health benefits
  5. Use it as a coffee creamer (be sure to whip the oil in a blender before adding coffee)
  6. Make your own flavoured “butter” by adding honey or maple syrup to coconut oil
  7. Use it to make salad dressing
  8. Add a tablespoon to a smoothie to make it healthier
  9. Use it to grease your baking pans
  10. Put it on popcorn for a sweet and salty treat
  11. Make homemade, vegan mayo with coconut oil
  12. Eat a teaspoon of it straight – for an easy dose of the health benefits!
  13. Use it to season cast iron pots and pans
  14. Use it instead of dairy as a thickening agent
  15. Substitute coconut oil for eggs in baking recipes
  16. Coat eggs with it to pro-long shelf life
  17. Use it to make healthy, dark chocolate

Coconut Oil Uses for Skin & Beauty

  1. Put a small amount on a cotton pad to cleanse your face (for those with dry skin)
  2. Use it as a moisturizer for your face and body
  3. Apply coconut oil to your underarms as a healthier, safer deodorant
  4. Mix coconut oil with baking soda for a more powerful, natural deodorant
  5. Apply to your face to prevent acne – it will stop your skin from overcompensating with its own oils
  6. Apply it to your eyes before bed to eliminate under-eye bags
  7. Use coconut oil as shaving cream
  8. Mix coconut oil and baking soda to exfoliate your skin
  9. Use it as a lip balm
  10. Add it to your bath
  11. Remove your makeup with coconut oil
  12. Clean your make-up brushes with coconut oil and soap
  13. Brush your teeth with coconut oil to whiten them
  14. Rub it on your eyelashes to help them grow
  15. Coconut oil will remove excess wax after hair removal
  16. Moisturize your nail beds with coconut oil
  17. Get rid of stretch marks
  18. Coconut oil will reduce varicose veins, cellulite and age spots
  19. Whip it into a body butter
  20. Use it as a natural sunscreen
  21. Get a massage with coconut oil
  22. Remove earwax with a Q-tip and coconut oil
  23. Apply to forehead before bed to reduce wrinkles
  24. Add cinnamon to coconut oil for a tinted lip balm

Healthy Hair and Scalp with Coconut Oil

Coconut hair spray
  1. Use it as a hair mask
  2. Deep condition your hair with it
  3. Make a spray with coconut oil and water for a leave-in conditioner
  4. Apply to your roots to get rid of dandruff
  5. Massage into scalp to moisturize
  6. Apply to dry ends
  7. Add to conditioner bottle for added moisture
  8. Apply a small amount to dry hair before applying heat to fight frizz
  9. Using coconut oil before shampooing gives hair added shine
  10. Apply to ends of hair while wet to prevent split ends
  11. Add to shampoo for extra cleansing and moisturizing
  12. Brush a tiny amount of coconut oil through your hair to eliminate hair static
  13. Use it as a hair texturizer
  14. Clean your hairbrush with coconut oil

Practical Coconut Oil Uses

wood polish
  1. Make a natural bug spray with it
  2. Use it to shine your shoes
  3. Clean stubborn soap scum out of the shower with coconut oil
  4. Oil a squeaky hinge
  5. Use it to get rust off of metal
  6. Oil your wooden cutting boards and spoons to make them last longer
  7. Polish your furniture with coconut oil
  8. Use it to remove stickers from new dishes
  9. Apply a thin coating of coconut oil on ceiling fan blades to prevent dust
  10. Coat your garbage can with it to eliminate flies and maggots
  11. Apply it to your car for easy removal of dead bugs
  12. Coat a candle with coconut oil to prevent wax drippings
  13. Clean and disinfect dentures with coconut oil
  14. Lubricate guitar strings with it
  15. Rub it on a stuck zipper to fix the problem
  16. Add coconut oil to your pet’s food to eliminate hairballs
  17. Rub on stuck-on gum for easy removal
  18. Apply to inner thighs to prevent chaffing on a long walk
  19. Use it to clean and shine leather furniture
  20. Rub coconut oil on dishes to get rid of stuck-on food
  21. Spray coconut oil and vinegar on bugs to get rid of them quickly

Coconut Oil Health Uses

  1. Swallow a teaspoon to stabilize blood sugar
  2. Apply to cold and canker sores for faster healing
  3. Use it to soothe a sore throat
  4. Rub on cuts and wounds for faster healing
  5. Apply it to soothe bug bites
  6. Add coconut oil to a foot bath to soften an ingrown toenail
  7. Add essential oils to coconut oil for aromatherapy
  8. Use it to remedy eczema
  9. Gargle with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil for a clean mouth
  10. Apply it to a sunburn to speed up the healing process
  11. Use it as a natural diaper rash cream
  12. Massage your baby with coconut oil for a safe and natural moisturizer
  13. Rub the inside of your nostrils with it to prevent nosebleeds
  14. Use coconut oil to eliminate cradle cap on your infant
  15. Make an antibacterial cream with coconut oil and tea tree oil
  16. Heal cavities by rinsing your mouth for 15 minutes with coconut oil
  17. Add honey and lemon to coconut oil for a natural cough syrup
  18. Take a tablespoon of coconut oil to ease constipation
  19. Rub it on a bruise to help it heal faster
  20. Take a teaspoon of coconut oil with your calcium pill to help your body absorb the calcium
  21. Swallow 3 tablespoons per day to help treat a bladder infection
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