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4 Different Ways To Freeze Ginger That Supercharge Its Science-Backed Benefits

Written By Admin on Saturday, June 18, 2016 | 6:59:00 AM

It is terrible feeling to have to throw out ginger root because if you don’t use it in month or two it will not be spicy as it used to be, and that is when the real problem occurs – you have to go outside to buy another one and you already started cooking something.
You can put end to all those problems if you start freezing the ginger. You can wrap each piece and seal them up.

Now we all know that ginger has many benefits and here are some:
– Boosting bone health and relieves joint pain
– Builds appetite and facilitates digestion
– Regulates high sugar levels
– Helps in case of nausea
– Helps in case of diarrhea
– Reduces risk of cancer
– High in minerals (magnesium, iron, selenium and manganese)
– High in vitamins (Vitamin E, B6, C)
It is always a good thing to add ginger to your diet because of the numerous benefits that it has. It is especially effective in treating symptoms of gastrointestinal distress.
Also it can be of a great help in preventing the symptoms of motion sickness because it prevents vomiting, nausea, dizziness and cold sweating. So ginger is very good for women who are in the first weeks of pregnancy.
Storing Ginger
Ginger can be frozen in 4 different ways and every way is used for different purpose.
Freezing Minced Ginger – Wash your ginger thoroughly and if you want you can peel it but it is not necessary. You need to use fine grater or a food processor to get it nice and fine. Then you can pack either tsp. or tbsp. measurements and you can freeze them on parchment paper. After they are frozen you should transfer them into a freezer proof container and you can use them when you need them. This will last up to half a year and it is the best for stir-fries and other meals you need a tbsp. or tsp. of fresh ginger.
Chopped Ginger – Peel your ginger and cut it lengthwise (The pieces should be 1/8” wide and 1” long). With placing them into freezer proof container you can keep them for 3 months.
Freezing Whole Ginger – The skin of the ginger brings a little more fiber to your dishes, and with freezing whole ginger you will keep the skin of it also. All you will have to do is to scrub your ginger and when it is dry to wrap it in tinfoil, to press the air out of your freezer-lock bag and store it that way. This way you will keep your ginger the longest and that is from 8 months to one year.
Medallion Ginger – Peel your ginger and slice it thinly through the root and you should make little ginger discs that way. Into a baggie toss them and you can use them when needed in the next 3 months.