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You Should More Often Consume Horseradish Because Of These 5 Reasons!

Written By Admin on Sunday, May 8, 2016 | 2:46:00 PM

The root herb horseradish (Armoraciarusticana) is rich in medicinal properties, but unfortunately, nowadays this herb is used as a medicine rarely.
The beneficial health properties of the horseradish have been known thousands of years ago. The ancient Greeks and Romans used it against various symptoms.

The first thing that could describe horseradish is its spiciness. It is fundamentally important never to cook horseradish’s root -- use it fresh, chopped or sliced in circles. The horseradish loses its essential oils during cooking process. Although horseradish’s leaves are very rich in nutrients, the most important part of this vegetable is the root.
Why you should consume horseradish more often? In addition we present the reasons!
1. Cleanses the sinuses and soother the pain caused by them
Horseradish is an ally in the fight against sinus related problems. Grate it, place it in a glass jar and pour wine vinegar over it, then tightly close the jar and let it stand still for ten days. After that, open the jar and inhale the smell of horseradish for 5 minutes. Practice doing so several times a day. With the jar’s liquid, soak a scarf and tie it over the forehead. Let the scarf act overnight. The treatment lasts for 5 days.
2. It is rich invitamins -improves immunity andprotects againstcolds
Horseradish is rich in vitamin C, B1, B6, iron and calcium, and in smaller amounts it contains magnesium, phosphorus and vitamin B2. Thanks to its composition, horseradish improves digestion process, the function of the heart, improves circulation and relieves rheumatism.
3. It possesses antibacterial, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties
Horseradish is extremely effective especially when it comes to dealing with malignant disease of the liver, colon and small intestine.
4. Soothes upsets of the respiratory system
Horseradish tea facilitates breathing and relieves inflammation of the respiratory organs. Pour 2 dl boiled water over ten grams of grated horseradish and leave the mixture for a few minutes, covered. Then you need to strain the tea and drink it until the liquid is lukewarm.
5. It has an amazing flavor and brilliantly fits in different gastronomic combinations
If the taste of horseradish is too strong, add some grated apples.
Note:  Excessive consumption of horseradish can cause diarrhea, obesity and kidney related problems and diseases. This is why it is highly important to use this ingredient moderately.