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What Happens When You Eat 3 Whole Eggs Every Day? You’ll be Surprised What It Does to Your Body!

Written By Admin on Sunday, May 1, 2016 | 5:53:00 PM

1. It improves you immune system
If you want a natural and healthy way to protect against bacteria and viruses that plagued these days, the best way to do this is to start eating regular eggs. Only one large egg contains almost a quarter of the daily requirement of selenium, nutrients that support the immune system and regulate thyroid hormones.
2. Cholesterol will be better
Three things we all know about cholesterol: 1) High cholesterol is bad; 2) There is good and bad cholesterol; 3) Eggs have a lot of cholesterol. However, scientists have good news – the eggs, although SAIST contain cholesterol, does not affect the increase of “bad” cholesterol, but a good one, which i want to increase!
3. reduce the risk of heart disease
Bad cholesterol is such a voice because, simply put, leads to clogging of the arteries. However, LDL cholesterol (the one that we want to reduce) containing LDL particles – but they can be small or large. Male dangerous because the easiest lead to congestion of the arteries, while the large ones – good. Jaja, you guessed it, increasing the influence of these larger particles, and thus reduce the risk of heart disease.
4. You will have more energy
Only one egg contains 15 percent of the daily requirement for vitamin B2, which is also known as riboflavin. The role of riboflavin is great, since it was he who helps our body to convert the food – fuel. And just to fuel you need to have more energy..
5. The hair and skin will look better
B complex vitamins are also very important to look good hair, skin and nails, and in addition to containing vitamin B2, eggs are also rich in vitamins B5 and B12.
6. I will protect the brain
Eggs are brain food. For this is the ingredient primarily responsible choline, an integral part of the cell membrane, and one of the necessary ingredients for the proper functioning of neurotransmitters. Scientific studies have shown that choline deficiency leads to neurological problems, a large number of people do not get enough of this nutrients at an everyday level.
7. You will literally save your life itself
Few people know that our body has a fantastic ability to produce up to 11 amino acids that are essential for the proper functioning of the body. However, the problem is that there are 20 of these acids, which we really need. Guess where to find the other nine? Thus, in eggs.
8. Less stress and anxiety
If you do not enter these nine amino acids to significantly affect your brain. One study from 2004 showed that just bringing these ingredients, which is in eggs are abundant, may increase the secretion of serotonin, and thus reduce the level of stress and anxiety.
9. We will protect your eyes
Two amino acids that are found in eggs – lutein and zeksantin – have a very positive effect on the eyes. These compounds are found only in the egg yolk, a regular consumption can reduce the risk of developing eye diseases.
10. Fix your condition of bones and teeth
Eggs are one of the few natural sources of vitamin D, which is very important for healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D primarily helps in absorption of calcium,but calcium is not only good for the bones, but also for the heart!
After this trick boiled eggs will always be perfect
11. The less you eat
As one of the best, if not the best source of protein, eggs will easily saturate the longer you will feel a sieve. The good thing is that the eggs do not contain a lot of calories, and thereby are packed with healthy compounds – so you are not without reason, the reputation of super ingredients. Even the shell of the egg very useful!
12. You will lose weight
We have come to the last but not the least important changes you’ll notice – pounds will be much easier to melt. One study found that the eggs show really great results when it comes to weight loss. Respondents for eight weeks for breakfast meals eaten the same caloric value – just as one group eating eggs, and other pastries. Those who ate eggs lost over 60 percent more weight!