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Written By Admin on Sunday, May 15, 2016 | 8:10:00 AM

Not only things you do hours before you go to the bed effect your sleep, it is based on your all day.

Leave the macchiato, cupcake and Heavy Food
Don’t drink cocaffe-bandito-dopo-il-fast-food_1154ffee in the afternoons and avoid eating a lot of food, mainly heavy, fatty foods immediately prior to sleep that may make you feel uncomfortable and prevent sleep. If you suffer reflux, avoid spicy foods, as when you lie down it may come back to bite you.

Leave the wine in the evenings
Couple of wine galsses wine1_2220880bmay make you feel relaxed which lead to fall to sleep easly, but alcohol prior to sleep can effect on sleep quality, it can cause snoring and in some cases lead to sleep apnoea and should be avoided.
Move your workouts
Vigorous exercise jimagesust before bed can effect on sleep, exercise at other times aids sleep. It is associated with increased levels of slow-wave deep sleep.
Leave your work at work
Working at home on your laptop or with documents can effect on your sleep routine. Overly stimulating activities prior to sleep can make it difficult to fall asleep and should be avoided. Same goes for detailed tasks. Maintaining a regular sleep routine that includes avoiding these types of activities immediately prior to sleep is ideal.