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Top 10 Health Benefits of Lemon Water

Written By Admin on Sunday, May 22, 2016 | 8:50:00 AM

Drinking warm organic lemon water is highly beneficial to our health. When taken early in the morning before breakfast or any meal it will help keep our body hydrated, alkalized and it will detoxify the body of harmful toxins.

Lemon water us also rich in vital nutrients such as vitamins and minerals some of which include;
  • Vitamins A, B-complex and C
  • Pectin fiber
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
Lemon water also has potent antibacterial, antifungal, antiviral and antioxidant properties as well which help to boost the immune system and help in fighting opportunistic infections.
Preparation And Administration:
  • Cut the lemon into two halves.
  • Squeeze the juice of one half of lemon into a glass of lukewarm water.
  • Add pure honey for flavour if you like.
  • Drink this solution on an empty stomach and in the morning.
  • Have your breakfast 30 minutes after drinking this solution.
The 10 Significant Benefits Of Drinking Lemon Water
1. It Aids Proper Digestion
Lemon will boost the production of bile in the liver and this bike helps the digestive system absorb fats easily. Lemon water will also detoxify the body and get rid of harmful toxins.
You will get relief from heartburn, bloating and belching when you drink a glass of warm lemon water daily.
You will also prevent constipation and diarrhea as it boosts the functions of your bowels.
It Helps With Weight Loss
You have a feeling of satiety when you drink a glass of warm lemon in the morning before breakfast. This helps to curb cravings and you tend to eat less and gain less weight in the process. It will alkalize your stomach and help you burn food quicker and boosts your metabolism.
3. It’s Great For Your Skin
When you regularly drink this solution you will improve the appearance of your skin.
Lemon water will boost the development of new blood cells as well as help to purify the blood of harmful toxins.
It will also fight free radicals because of the vitamin C which is an antioxidant by so doing you will get rid of wrinkles.
Mix pure honey to your lemon water to provide your skin with antibacterial and restorative collagen-boosting effects to leave your skin healthy.
4. Lemon Water Can Boost The Immune System
Lemon is enriched with vitamin C which boosts the immune system and helps the body to ward off infections such as the common cold and flu. It also helps our body to absorb iron better and lemon has saponins which has antimicrobial properties that protects us from infections.
5. Can Take Care Of Mouth Odour
It will boost the production of saliva which is necessary to eliminate bad breathe. You can also get rid of the top white layer of the tongue which forms overnight and when we are asleep. This white layer comprises of bacteria and decaying food, this are the reasons for mouth odour.
6. Lemon Water Helps To Balance pH Levels
Lemon water is rich in pH level balancing ascorbic acids. It alkalizes the body as the more acidic the body is the more harmful it is to our health. It will also get rid of the uric acid in the joints which cause inflammation and joint pains.
7. It Stimulates Energy
The vitamin B and C, carbohydrates, proteins and phosphorus in lemon will give the body a natural boost in energy. The body will be oxygenated and hydrated giving it energy as well as keeping it refreshed and revitalized, once in our gut lemon will boost our energy levels.
8. It Will Help Cure Throat Infections
The antibacterial properties of lemon will help fight tonsillitis and sore throat.
Drinking this solution regularly on an empty stomach will help you reduce your risk of having a throat infection. It also helps fight respiratory problems like asthma.
To get rid of sore throat try to gargle the lemon water solution.
9. It Helps To Regulate Blood Pressure
It will cleanses the lymphatic system and it will keep it hydrated. It will also help to reduce body stress and aid proper sleep because of the potassium in it. When you sleep well and you are properly rested then your blood pressure will be regulated.
10. Fights Against Urinary Tract Infections
Lemon water is an effective diuretic and it will flush out any harmful bacteria from the urinary tract.
The citric acid in lemon ensures that the body is detoxified and this will further improve the health of the urinary tract. Women with frequent urinary tract infections will benefit from drinking lemon water.
You can improve your health by drinking a glass of warm lemon water daily just make sure that it is in the morning and before breakfast.